how to trade in pokemon go

How to trade in Pokemon Go? – A complete guide!

Initiated back in 2016, Pokemon Go is a handset game associated with the concept of augmented reality – which has been both developed and published by the collaboration of – Pokemon Company, Niantic, and Nintendo. This game has been specially designed for Android as well as iOS devices. Nothing new, correct? After all, you are here searching for answers to your query – how to trade in Pokemon Go?

Well, perhaps you are aware of the details associated with this game, but not everyone is! This little specific was given with respect to them. After all, a toddler must be given a little hand to help him move ahead! As you will drop down this write-up – you will get clarity regarding this game and its little trade secrets. Here it goes –

Looking to trade – criteria you need to match

Of course, when you intend to trade, in this game, there are certain criteria that you need to match. However, firstly – you need to note some basics about trading itself. Well, in its basic format – Pokemon is a collect-a-thon! So, you need to collect some information from your friends and they from you – an exchange of tools and requirements to win the game! This exchange is – trading.

how to trade in pokemon go

Now, before you jump into how to trade in Pokemon Go? – you need to match up certain criteria! They are –

  • Trading is only feasible with players who are on your friend list (If you do not have any – make some friends first!)
  • You and your friends need to be within the 100 meters boundary with each other
  • As a player – if you are partaking in the trade – make sure your trainer standard touches 10!
  • In case you wish to add a player – your job will be to share the trainer code with them. It consists of 12-digits!

Ready to trade? Wait! There are still some aspects to note.

Prepare yourself for the trade

Even if you have fulfilled the criteria required for the trade, you need to note certain aspects regarding the preparation for this trade. They are –

1. Addition of trainers to your friend list

Since you already know how to add trainers to your friend list, naturally –  you can improve your friendship and exchange bonuses and points with them – albeit all too well! This is a preparatory step toward trading.

2. Preparation of Stardust

You will require Stardust at almost every step of the trade!! Depending on the type of Pokemon, the level of requirement for Stardust will keep altering.

#FYI – If that Pokemon is traded, which is available in the Pokedex of both the concerned players – then a mere 100 Stardust is required. However, suppose you are looking to trade in Legendaries and those Pokemon that are found in just one of the Pokedex. In that case, automatically, the range varies from 20,000 to 1,00,000 between two good friends! 

How to trade in Pokemon Go?

Here comes the format –

Step1: You will need to choose the person with whom you wish to conduct the initial trade. For that – you will have to visit the ‘Friends’ tab, which is placed under the profile of ‘Trainer’.

how to trade in pokemon go
Image Credit: Pokemon Gohub

Step 2: You will have to notify your friend to kickstart the trade session. For that – tap on the ‘Trade’ tab.

Step 3: Which Pokemon will you trade? In this step, you will have to choose the ‘Pokemon’ and specifics associated with that – such as HP, Statistics, and CP value are precisely mentioned. However, as the range changes (100 meters diameter) – the values will also change accordingly.

Step 4: This is the confirmation period of the trade! As you click on the ‘Confirm’ tab, you will note that – the amount of Candy, Stardust, and other required details are stated.

You will have to follow these basic start-up steps to continue the trade. However, some of the specifics that you must note about your query on how to trade in Pokemon Go – there are specific types of trades. 

  • Evolution Trade 

The evolution of Pokemon is not something new. So, any Pokemon that evolves in the routine of Mainline Games can also evolve similarly in the process of trading in Pokemon Go! In case of a lack of players – trading and evolution with the help of candies are also considered part of the game. 

  • Special Trade 

If you wish to trade in the Legendary Pokemon – special trade is your way out! However, this is restricted to a single trade per day.

#Since this is trading – so make sure you have a great rapport with your friends. How about exchanging gifts? The higher the friendship, the greater the number of IVs!

Some quickies as you start

Are you sure you know everything about how to trade in Pokemon Go?

Well, here are some quick facts that you need to note –

Q1. What are the fundamentals of starting the trade?

Making friends! Online friends are always part of the trade – you can also choose out the offline friends and those in close proximity to start off the game.

Q2. What if there is a change of mind regarding the Pokemon game? 

When you are trading in the Pokemon game – you can always check the Pokemon that you receive from your friend. If you do not like it – you don’t need to choose it.

how to trade in pokemon go
Image Credit: Westnews

Q3. Does friendship level have anything to do with the trade?

It does! Higher friendship – Lower trading costs! If you look at the statistics – a Good Friend will provide you with no discount, while with a Best Friend, the discount level goes up to 96%! This is one of the most important factors that you must consider as you hover over the query of – how to trade in Pokemon Go.

Q4. Any restrictions on Pokemon trading?

You are trading in Pokemon Go – but you must note that every trade has certain restrictions. Firstly, you cannot trade more than 100 Pokemons on a specific day. Secondly, you have no right to trade in Mythical monsters (Mew) in this game. Thirdly, once you get a Pokemon via trading – there’s no chance you can give it off to someone else while trading. A trade, once done, is sealed!

Q5. What’s the catch with a Lucky Pokemon? 

This is one Pokemon you will get to know only after completing the trade. Compared to the average Pokemon that you are trading in – it requires almost 50% less Stardust. Hence, the powered-up costs are diminished!

Final Thoughts

Now that you are completely aware of the specifics associated with this game – isn’t trading a childhood fantasy come true? You all must have been missing being the Indiana Jones and shooting your way into the high and mighty – this Pokemon Go just allows you to be the same! A perfect concoction of the real and the virtual world – this game is just what you need as a breather!

So, why wait? Learn how to trade in Pokemon Go? – and tap into this augmented reality to escape!


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