Kristine Saryan’s biography: Here is the tell-all-tale about Scott Patterson wife!

By | July 6, 2023

For all Gilmore Girls fans – remember when things were just peaking up between Lorelai Gilmore and Luke Danes, and bam! – entered Miss Patty’s dance assistant – Chrissy! Well, the character was played by Kristine Saryan, who later would be referred to as Scott Patterson wife in many news entertainment portals. Well, as one of the highest-rated sitcoms in US television history, it did have a reputation for bringing in the star cast’s partners as extended characters. This was quite the same story.

As one of Hollywood’s topmost actors, Kristine has played numerous characters throughout her acting career. This article will provide you with a better insight into her personal and professional life, her love story, her identity beyond being Patterson’s wife, and some quickies on the same. Since Gilmore Girls seem to be trending on social media platforms – just start updating yourself as well!

Scott Patterson Wife – The Life before the Wife

Kristine Saryan is the name of Scott Patterson wife.  A credible actress in her own right, Saryan starred in a number of series before she was married to her cast member from Gilmore Girls.

Coming from an American heritage of white ethnicity, she is a firm believer in Christianity. Also, she is among the very few actresses in Hollywood who have had a career free from any scandals.

Her contribution to her craft was widely praised by the writer of her series Gilmore Girls – who strictly believed that there was none apart from Saryan who would be able to do justice to the character of Chrissy. Additionally, her husband also heaped showers of praise on her, stating that her performances in various shows have also helped him – improve at his craft.

scott patterson wife

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As you go further in this article, you will get to know some more details regarding Saryan and her relationship with Patterson. However, before that – it is important for you as readers to concentrate on another quite unfortunate aspect.

Surprisingly, Saryan has a credible career to talk of. Yet, standing in the 21st century, when she has exercised her choice to stay at home with her son – people seem to have simply remembered her as ‘somebody’s ‘ wife. If you search the internet, there are plenty of articles that are to be found with such keywords. Now that can be quite heartbreaking for a career woman.

Before you too get an idea as such – how about knowing some more details about her?

Their marriage seemed to be controversial

If you search for any information on Scott Patterson wife or the love story of Scott Patterson – you will not find any such documented evidence. That is surprising, right? Well, after all – it is only natural to have the gossip mills churning out some stories of romance between two people who have an age gap of 20 years and more. Well, that is because – Patterson put the rumours to an end at the correct time. So, would you like to know how that went? Well –

Scott Patterson was previously married to Vera Davich for two years. However, the marriage fell apart, and since then, there was not much news regarding his romantic life. It was only in 2004 when Saryan entered Gilmore Girls – the relationship became public. They wed secretly and have been in a happy space since then.

However, certain stories did come out in various news portals about how Patterson had helped Saryan bag the role in Gilmore Girls, how he was in a relationship with someone else, and how the age gap between the couple was creating certain issues between them. These controversies, before they gained any further fuel – were doused by the couple. They have proven that love does conquer all and, to date, are together.

scott patterson wife

Kristine Saryan – some quickies

Scott Patterson wife has a net worth of $1 million. A majority of this amount has come from her acting assignments. Some of her famous roles include – Gilmore Girls, Kidnapped: The Hannah Anderson story, Abigail’s Party, and a host of others. Though she has not been quite consistent in her Hollywood appearances – every time she has picked up a role, she ensures that there is a class that she brought into it.

Do you know – that Scott Patterson was an ex-baseball player? Well, he himself agrees that his wife stood strong by him in his passion for music.

Kristine and Patterson had a child born in 2014, by the name of Nicholas Patterson. Currently, Saryan is on a hiatus and spends most of her time caring for their child.

Wrapping up

So, did you get a better idea about Scott Patterson wife? It is quite unfortunate that even standing in the 21st century, an established actress is known by her husband’s name. However, Kristine Saryan is surely a credible name in the industry and is an asset to any content she would be a part of. In case you find more information about Kristine Saryan, comment and let us know. See you in the next post!

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