Know Details of Priyanka Chopra Net Worth and her Financial Lessons!

By | July 3, 2023

For a lady who times and again asserts the need for financial independence of a woman – it is quite an interesting query to know the Global Desi girl Priyanka Chopra net worth. Well, for starters – it’s a whopping $70 million!! Surprised and acted cool? She is a powerful woman – one of the most beautiful celebrities honored both in India and Hollywood – a philanthropist, and currently, a mother to baby Malti with her husband, Nick Jonas (the Jonas brothers).

Would you like to know her story? After all, she was just a daughter of an Army surgeon, and her path to stardom wasn’t a bed of roses. Let’s take a digital trip to know how she gathered the assets she owns today!

A peek into Priyanka Chopra net worth

To know the details of her assets – one needs to know the path she has traversed in all these years. From Miss World to the best representative of Indian cinema on the global platform – she is the girl who does rock the world!!

  • If one starts counting up from 2018 – one must check that the path of her becoming a millionaire started in 2018 with $18 million, which has increased multifold – first in 2020 by becoming a whopping $40 million and then finally at the current value of $70 million (inflation included)


  • Talking of films – her per project remuneration ranges from 12-14 crores – surely making her one of the highest paid female celebrities in India and globally.


  • If one talks of her social media profile – money-making procedure – it is valued at 3 crores per Instagram post. Notable, she has close to 80 million followers on Instagram.


  • As per her endorsement fees, she commands between 4-10 crores INR for being part of adverts. She is the notable face of brands such as – Pantene, Garnier, Appy Fizz, Pepsi, Nikon, and Bumble, to name a few! She is currently dishing out endorsements for Anomaly – on Amazon.

Priyanka Chopra net worth

  • Talking of the list of the most expensive things that she owns – her California mansion (valued at $20 million) is one of the most prized possessions and is one of the first things to note. You can follow it up with – her colonial beach house in Goa and her collection of cars such as Rolls Royce Ghost (1st Bollywood actress to own one) and 1960 Ford Thunderbird.

Did you know those simple accessories could be some of the most expensive things to be owned by people? Well, Chopra owns a Peter Dundas fur coat and a pair of ear drops from Lorraine Schwartz!


  • Her other sets of cars include – Mercedes Benz, BMW, and Porsche – all worth over 1.5 crores!


  • Apart from her Juhu-based Sea Facing flat that cost her a fortune but surely would provide maximum returns – her first investment was in the US-based dating application Bumble (2018).

In the same year – she followed it up by investing in Holberton (another USA-based organization). Her latest franchisee investments include – placing her bets on InnerChef (an India-based food-tech company) and HumanCo (2021).

  • If we talk more of her investments – well, they are precise – her New York restaurant Sona is one of the topmost! Follow it up by her Homeware Brand that goes by the name of Sona Home. Her clothing label – Perfect Moment, also is one of her most important investments.


  • Her production company – in which she has stakes with her brother – Purple Pebble Pictures, is into producing regional films for the country. Though official information is not available – the return on investment has been quite high for this company.


Financial lessons she gave to one and all!

This article may be providing details of Priyanka Chopra net worth – however, one cannot deny that there are some financial lessons to learn from the Desi Girl.

Priyanka Chopra net worth

For starters

  • She has constantly and consistently vouched for the financial independence of women. With a major segment of the world reeling under patriarchal dominions – it is important for women to control their money and know how to deal with situations without being completely helpless.


  • She was one of the first people in the Indian film industry to talk of the abysmal pay disparity that was prominent. Despite the complementary work and, at times, more that she worked than her male counterpart – she speaks of how she was underpaid. She proved her credibility at the box office – and then at Hollywood – and in current times, she is almost paid at par with her male co-star.


  • Compared to other stars – with time, Priyanka Chopra net worth has only enhanced in its value courtesy of the standards of investment that she has made. Her real estate investments have given her positive returns – a learning point for women in terms of their investment decisions.


  • To be brave and bold – is another lesson that one can learn from her. Whether it is her film choices or settling down with someone ten years, her junior – her choices have never been conventional.

To live life with a sense of duty and purpose – is also one of the most important aspects worth noting. A correct mode – with determination and purpose will provide you with a fulfilling life.

To wrap – up

In the ever-competing world of cinema, it is not a joke to gather the stardom and assets she has managed. However, this digital document on Priyanka Chopra net worth – is not just a look at the assets – but a chance to look at the curves that life throws at you and the swerves that you make to get past it. If you felt inspired by this article – do make it a point to pin this up for future reference.

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