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Importance of online applications in online learning

The Educational system has evolved significantly in the last few years owing to the advancement of Technology and the increasing use of the internet. today every individual across the globe is well versed with the use of social media applications which has helped them get a better understanding of how to use the Technologies available on the web. As a result, when the pandemic started and the educational landscape was faced with a dilemma, it was the alternative of online learning systems that provided the teachers and educators with AV out to ensure that the education of the students was not compromised. The presence of online teaching apps has enabled both the teachers and the students to avail the various benefits presented by the medium and continue the exchange of knowledge. considering the case of online teaching, the improvements made when it came to the knowledge gained by the students and their subsequent performances in their assessments. Through the use of online learning, students have become more used to technology and hence have found the learning process to become more interactive and easier for them. It is important to note that the foray of online education has however not been equal for each and every Nation across the world. It is only countries, that had been preparing itself for the digital onslaught, have been able to reap the benefits provided by this medium.

Role of teachers

In the following system features play a significant role as the guide where they help the students navigate the online portals and provide them with knowledge. Unlike in physical schools where the teachers were able to communicate with the students directly and face to face, inclusive online learning the communication occurs in the form of an online medium. This medium Can Be Anything between a personal computer, a laptop, tablet or even a smartphone. It is through the use of these devices that students are able to connect with the teachers and continue the learning process. It is also important to note that in this case the teachers are required to train themselves efficiently so that we can make use of all the functions available in online learning and implement them accordingly for Greater benefit. Each of these applications that are found on the web I am mostly free to use and all that is required is an Internet connection. In case of the teachers there happens to be a separate login page through which they are provided with the benefit of having at hand the assessment peoples of the students and are also able to Mark their growth. one major benefit that the teachers have faced when it comes to online learning is that they have been able to adequately chart the progress of the students and identify which student needed them the most. This in turn has enabled them to make specific lesson plans pertaining to the needs of the students, so that they can succeed in their endeavors and reach their goals.

Role of online technology

An important factor that needs to be considered is the role of Technology in making the online learning process more interesting and fun. There are several online educational tools available that have helped in making the educational process more engaging and satisfying for the students. through the use of these systems the students have found greater interest in the studies and have been able to achieve their goals easily. This technology provides them with an outlet to manage their Creativity and work towards the development of unique ideas. In the last few years the popularity of these Technologies have increased significantly outlining its importance in the current educational sector. Moreover, online learning has increased the ease of usage of these Technologies as it is directly connected with online applications making it easier for the students to use them. Therefore, these apps have a lot of benefits present making it easier for both the students and teachers to use them. In the current pandemic situation these applications are considered to be of great importance to both the teachers and students as it has helped in providing them with the medium for exchange of knowledge.


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