Eco-friendly Organic Brands are Here to Stay- An Expert review

By | October 2, 2023

Research has suggested and found that the adoption of eco-friendly products is becoming increasingly common among millennials. In fact, about 90% of the millennial generation would choose a product that is more sustainable and friendly towards the environment rather than its non-sustainable counterparts. The appeal towards eco-friendly products has been growing. It may have started as a support towards the environment but people are now realizing that these products that are recycled are also more affordable. Adopting a lifestyle of eco-friendly products and habits can also help prevent the wastage of energy which can eventually lower utility bills and reduce overheads. 

The Benefits of Going Eco-friendly – The biggest contributors to environmental pollution are the mainstream industries that follow modernization without realizing its effects. However, there has been a paradigm shift in recent times wherein people have moved towards sustainable products. Products that do not harm the environment when used or disposed of are technically environment-friendly products. These are certified and recognized by governments for people to be able to identify them. Initially, we were surrounded by chemical-induced products like a cleaner for kitchen utensils, insect repellents, etc were all made with powerful toxins. Experts have suggested and advised the use of herbal products for better long-term health and safety. 

Here are some of the benefits of eco-friendly products that can help the environment and are making organic brands more sustainable:

  1. Reduction in the Amount of Plastic Waste – Research has shown that the obvious culprits like water bottles, disinfectant bottles, bags, and even deliveries from Amazon, etc contain massive amounts of plastic. These can pollute the environment. Switching to sustainable alternatives with wooden toothbrushes, paper bags for packaging, etc has provided those factories with more work, thus also helping with employment.
  2. Reuse of sustainable products – Products like cloth lanterns used for festivals, essential oils, etc can be easily reused as they do not degrade or get spoiled fast. These can also be used for gifting as they have an aesthetic look to them. 
  3. Healthier lifestyle – According to many reports, long-term exposure to chemicals and chemical products can be harmful. For example, using an insect-repellent spray that is made from strong chemicals can cause allergies and irritation, particularly for children. Avoid these risks by switching to natural and herbal products as they can improve the quality of life and provide the same, effective results. 

The Vastness of Eco-friendly Products – If you thought that eco-friendly products cannot replace the ones that you are using currently, especially regarding cleaning, you might change your mind. Awareness and promotion of factories, businesses, and companies that are creating more environment-friendly products are now on the rise. The sustainable development goals have also led to this shift in the mindset and people are changing their perceptions towards toxic products. Here are some of the commonly available and effective herbal products that you can choose to invest in for the safety of your family:

  • Bathroom Cleaners – You thought that a toilet cleaner had to be made with chemicals for it to kill all the bacteria? Not anymore! Herbal cleaners can also work well against calcification and water stains. These also deodorize the toilets and come in biodegradable packaging.
  • Floor Cleaners – Concentrated floor cleaners to provide a safe home for you and your family act as natural disinfectants and can repel bugs and insects. Since they are exclusively made from plant extracts, they do not cause side effects
  • Insect Repellents – Designed to eradicate specific insects, these repellents use herbal ingredients that work best against the pests that may have entered your home to create a nuisance. Repellents for ants, mosquitoes, cockroaches, etc are available
  • Dishwashing Liquid – Liquids for utensils, clothes, etc can also be found in 100% natural and herbal forms. These are highly effective and serve their purpose. 

We can each do our bit to protect the environment and save money and reduce wastefulness. The misuse of earth’s resources has put us in a difficult trap that we can get out of with the help of more conscious choices. With the help of eco-friendly products, we can preserve the ecosystem and reap the benefits of our decisions.

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