John Mulaney Is in Rehab for Addiction to Cocaine and Alcohol

By | September 17, 2023
john mulaney

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The American comedian John Mulaney was always quite public about his fight with sobriety. According to PEOPLE Magazine, he has signed into a rehabilitation center for his addiction to cocaine and alcohol. He has been fighting alcoholism for decades.

The 38-year-old comedian is getting treatment after the addiction relapse. The spokesperson of John Mulaney didn’t comment on his situation. The New York Post reported the news first.

John Mulaney spoke about addiction openly

The Saturday Night Live writer has been drinking alcohol since the age of 13. Then a few years later, he delved into drugs. He came out publicly about his alcoholism and drug abuse. The Saturday Night Live writer has been drinking alcohol since the age of 13. Then a few years later, he delved into drugs. He came out publicly about his alcoholism and drug abuse. Nexus Teen Academy helps you or your loved ones to overcome the addiction to lead a better life.

Mulaney said to Esquire that he had drunk for getting attention. He was very extroverted in his childhood, but he found it difficult to find his outgoing nature suddenly in his teens. Drinking made him fun again.

John never was into weed. He found cocaine more enjoyable. The man also abused different prescribed drugs, as well.

Mulaney tried to fit into the stereotype male image during childhood

Mulaney said that he was not good at sports and did not fit into a stereotypical male phenomenon. He wanted to prove that he was strong enough. So he took alcohol as his shield. There were tequila and three Viscodin within him, and he stood tall. The point was to prove his power to endure all that and not be affected by it.

The comedian found his sobriety without any rehab at 23.

He said to Esquire that in one weekend, he was on a drinking spree. It felt like to be in a movie dwindling in and out. The weekend fun was crazy. There was not any crime which he committed, but he refused to tell the details to anyone. He was not in his right brain and did not like that version of himself. There was sheer unhappiness in his life.

It was quite a surprise to everyone when people found out in a comedy special he had quit drinking in 2012. He said that he quit drinking but used to drink a lot. The crossing limit made him stop. Audiences could not believe seeing him that John could ever drink.

John Mulaney worked as a staff writer in the Late Night Seth Meyers show last month. He often appeared in that show from those days.

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