Peter Nygard Will Spend Christmas in Jail After Sex Trafficking Charges

Peter Nygard Will Spend Christmas in Jail After Sex Trafficking Charges

According to the US authorities’ latest reports, Canada-based fashion icon Peter Nygard is facing criminal charges. There are at least nine charges against him, which include sex trafficking and racketeering. The Canadian police are keeping him in custody, and the US wants his banishment. However, the 79-year-old fashion mogul claims that all the allegations are baseless and that he is not guilty of such activities.

The indictment still awaits proper trial, and sources reveal that Peter Nygard is guilty of over a decade. It means that there is a long-term criminal pattern that has targeted several victims over the years. A recent USA Attorney Release suggests that most victims were residents of the US, Canada, and the Bahamas, among many others.

On the other hand, Nygard’s attorney says that his client denies all the allegations against him. Besides, he is also ready to be part of a fair trial to prove his innocence. Attorney Jay Proper also says that he will apply for his client’s bail at the soonest possible. Besides, the case seems to become more complicated, majorly because it is a high profile one.

What are the allegations against Nygard?

As per reports of the US authorities, the fashion mogul takes advantage of his organization’s name to conduct criminal activities. He influences adult and minor females to satisfy his sexual gratification. Not just that, because he uses the same female victims to satisfy the sexual urges of his business associates and friends. According to the court’s documents, Peter Nygard has also recruited minor girls from lower economic backgrounds. Besides, there are allegations of sexual abuse against him too.

There are allegations of various kinds against the fashion icon, such as giving false hopes and promising employment opportunities. Apart from that, he seems to have given threats and financial support to some of the victims. Besides, he keeps most of his victims under severe restrictions, constant surveillance, physical isolation, and more.

Last but not least, he forced his victims to recruit more women for the same work. Their work included satisfying Nygard’s sexual urges and that of his associates. The work and event locations are mainly in California, Marina Del Ray, and the Bahamas. The US authorities also report that Nygard is guilty of forcibly assaulting some women too.

An attorney who is representing 57 women recently seems very happy about the arrest of Nygard. He and his clients state that they breathe in relief, hoping that some intense action will be taken against the criminal very soon. However, they regret the fact that such courage was absent before.

Let us know, Mr. Peter Nygard.

Nygard is a multimillionaire businessman of Canadian-Finnish origin. He is also the founder of a sportswear company that started functioning in 1960. Presently, it has become an internationally famous textile business.

He is under investigation for child exploitation and abuse by the NYC police and FBI task force since 2019. Recently, Nygard also resigned from his chairman designation in February. Besides, he was the prime accused of a sex trafficking allegation between 2015 and 2017 too. Nygard’s present net worth is approximately $700 million.


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