List Of Sites To Download Free Courses Online

By | February 24, 2024

Looking for sites to download free courses online? Navigating through this post until the end can help you find the list of the top 8 sites where you can get free online courses easily. These sites can help you to learn new courses without leaving your couch. The top universities render the offered courses. You can learn new subjects and skills with the least investment. You can get these courses in various forms such as audio, video, e-learning material, and articles. Check the list of the sites to download free courses and enhance your learning.

Best Sources To Download Free Courses Online                                                   

Below is the list of the sites where you can download free courses and share them with others to gain the desired career growth. Let’s explore:

1: Khan Academy

Khan Academy offers a wide range of free video courses for students. The lessons discussed in the classes are very comprehensive so that students can learn with the utmost ease. Besides, You can easily download the courses and access them on your preferred devices. Khan Academy courses enable students to learn faster to achieve their specific goals in less time. The complex concepts are decomposed into simple pieces of information to make the courses self-explanatory. Besides, learning with multimedia (video courses) utilizes more senses to boost your learning. You can download the video courses and gain expertise on your favorite subjects.

Khan Academy


2: MIT Open Courseware

MIT Open Courseware offers the broadest range of lecture videos and online courses to facilitate your learning. You can check the syllabus of the regular classes and read them online. Besides, there are various topics given for your reading. Furthermore, you can navigate through the list of videos to grab the complex concepts related to multiple courses. Above all, downloading the course materials is a cakewalk with MIT Open Courseware. Along with the course, you can also download the assignments and practice materials to get a good hold of the courses.

MIT Open Courseware


3: Free-Ed

Free-Ed is more like a community, unlike the other courseware sites. When moving through the site interface, you can find the courses and subjects. However, you may not easily find the specific lessons that you are looking for. Free-Ed gives a platform to the people where they can connect with more learners and boost their learnings. Furthermore, learning becomes exciting when you learn with the people having their topics in common with you. It also provides a platform for skill sharing, where you can impart your knowledge to those in need.



4: Learning Space

If you want the courses to be delivered to your doorstep, Learning Space has got you covered. It enables you to access various courses online, you can learn without leaving your couch. Besides, you can download the courses in different languages. Moreover, you can select the categories for the sources to download the most relevant study material for you. One of the best things about this platform is that you can check the course reviews that you want to download. It can save your time and effort and streamline your reading schedule.

Learning Space


5: Stanford on iTunes U

For distant students who want to take a Stanford course at their own pace, the Stanford on iTunes U program is a reliable platform. Since its inception eight years ago, iTunes U has progressed substantially. The University’s iTunes U site now includes 17 complete courses, but it was initially meant to stream commencement speeches and other significant events to alumni all across the world. The site’s content was entirely made up of audio and video files. Professors might use this app to upload extra materials like homework assignments and class handouts, providing remote students a complete course experience.

Stanford on iTunes U


6: Utah State OpenCourseWare

Utah State OCW is a single-stop solution for the students and teachers to access the free online courses. Besides, self-learners can also download free courses from this platform and harvest its other benefits. Moreover, it is helping learners from all corners of the globe to get access to quality education without needing to spend even a single penny. The courses are very engaging and offer innovative ways to simplify the learning process. Furthermore, it offers several advanced courses, such as Engineering, Computer, Anthropology, and several others.

Utah State OpenCourseWare

7: Kutztown On-Demand Online Learning 

Kutztown online learning offers a wide array of online learning courses. Besides, you can open and play video tutorials to boost your understanding. It has got its prominent reputation in delivering business courses and lectures for those who want to polish their business concepts. This online platform can help you in learning and understanding complex business concepts in a straightforward manner. The video access can help you pause, play and rewind videos so that you can hear lectures again and again until the concepts are clear. Above all, the content you access from this platform is the latest and up to date.

Kutztown On-Demand Online Learning 



8: Udemy

Udemy is an online learning platform where you can get the courses taught by industry experts. You may enroll in classes on a variety of other topics. Udemy also encourages regular people to make their own classes, so you’ll have to be picky about which courses you take because everyone can create a course. There’s a bio for each teacher, as well as an Amazon-style review section where users can rate the course and share their thoughts on the content. It is one of the most renowned online learning platforms where every individual can learn a wide spectrum of courses from industry experts. If you want to enhance your professional skills, Udemy courses can give you a great platform for learning. 



Final Words!

This post incorporates a list of online sources where you can find free courses to enhance your career. Download free lessons and learn them at your leisure. These courses are helpful for all the teachers, students, and self-learners. When you download free courses from these platforms, they also give you better career opportunities. If you like to see more posts on education and career, then our blog section has so much to explore. Pay a visit.


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