The Ellen DeGeneres Show to Come to an End After Two Decades

The Ellen DeGeneres Show to Come to an End After Two Decades

As the famous Ellen DeGeneres Show is about to end, the host reveals the reason behind her decision. Ellen speaks about what she will miss the most, and that previous allegations and controversies are not the reason for her decision. Fans believe that an era of American Daytime TV will end once the show goes off-air in 2022.

The Ellen DeGeneres Show is a mass favorite and one of the longest-running talk shows on American TV. Ellen is one of the most popular faces on global television. According to Ellen Lee DeGeneres, this is not a sudden decision, and it has come after a lot of thinking. She is now deciding to sit down with her friend and colleague Oprah Winfrey to discuss everything she wants to do after this.

During a recent interview, Ellen opens up about her massive decision. She states that for a creative person, being in the same place for so long is disappointing. Even though the show makes her very happy, she wants newer challenges in life. Moreover, Ellen goes on to reveal that hosting the talk show is not challenging to her anymore.

Was ending The Ellen DeGeneres Show a random decision?

According to Ellen, finalizing the wrap-up schedule was not easy at all. In fact, in 2018, Ellen revealed that her wife was encouraging her to end the show. Portia de Rossi was not sold on Ellen signing a contract that binds her to work on 180 shows per year.

However, the other executives of the Ellen Show and her brother were telling her to continue. Finally, Ellen decides to sign another 3-year contract stating it will be her last. This contract will take her beyond 2,400 celebrity interviews and over 3,000 episodes altogether.

In a recent interview, Warner Bros states that all good things must come to an end even when you are least expecting it. President of Unscripted TV, Mike Darnell, was continuously trying to convince Ellen to think twice.

Darnell feels that the Ellen DeGeneres Show was phenomenal. He adds that the show is more of an institution that is created over two decades. Previously, during an interview, Warner Bros had revealed that The Ellen DeGeneres Show was a very challenging project from the very beginning. However, the amount of praise the show has received over the years overshadows everything.

It is like midday happiness for the American audience full of dancing, singing, and giveaways. Valari Staab, President of NBC Universal, calls the show one of the most iconic American TV shows ever. Not just that, he refers to Ellen as a “trailblazer.” Her hard work and dedication is the reason behind her whopping $84 million annual earning.

2020 was a difficult year full of controversies

In 2015, Ellen bagged the Kennedy Center Mark Twain Award under the American humor category. The very next year, former President Barrack Obama awarded Ellen the highly prestigious Medal of Freedom.

Despite all the awards and Ellen’s hard work over the years, 2020 was a year full of controversies for her. When the 62-year old actress and TV show host was at the peak of personal attacks, a Buzzfeed news revelation devastated her.

News of the Ellen Show encouraging workplace toxicity was going viral. Ellen says that she was unaware of all this till there was media intervention into the matter. She took the initiative of carrying out a personal investigation, and soon some of the executives were out of the crew.

Ellen always promotes the motto of “being kind,” and the controversies were constantly going against the reputation that she has built over the years. To reverse the situation, Ellen took the initiative of beginning the first episode of Season 18 with a long apology.

During the first part of the episode, Ellen reveals that she got to know about certain incidents that were wrong. She apologizes to everyone who was affected during this time. Despite the apology and an excellent season premiere, the ratings of Season 18 were not as good. However, several celebrities were coming in as loyal guests of the show.

Even after all of it, the President of Unscripted TV, Mike Darnell, states that Ellen will forever remain a memorable part of the American TV industry. While, on the one hand, everyone will miss her talk show, there is still some compensation for the Warner Bros.

Plans after the ending of The Ellen DeGeneres Show

The good news is that Ellen will still be part of the WB team. After creating an impeccable portfolio that includes several unscripted shows, there was no way the team would let her go. Ellen’s Next Designer, The Masked Dancer, and Ellen’s Game of Games are some of the most recent hit shows.

The Studio’s stake in Ellen’s Digital ventures is noteworthy. It is this collaboration that helped the actress and TV host to produce several original series. Presently, Ellen Lee DeGeneres is also producing excellent documentaries for History Specials and Discovery.

This lively personality has already made a comeback on Netflix with her excellent stand-up skills. However, Ellen does not want to talk too much about her future endeavors. She is presently focusing on The  Ellen DeGeneres Show till it ends.

After that, Ellen reveals that she wants to take up some acting projects to portray juicy roles. Moreover, she wants to take some time off to concentrate on her conservation projects too. While she is still confused about future work, her agent suggests taking a few days off from work. She was all praises while speaking about her agent Eddy Yablans stating that he is great support.

Ellen says that she is very sure that Oprah will also come up with the same suggestion. However, Ellen jokes that she is like a human Ferrari and won’t rest for a very long time. Therefore, relaxing is a challenge to her, and she is willing to take that up.

The Ellen DeGeneres Show to Come to an End After Two Decades
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Ellen DeGeneres’ statement was a threat to her career

When asked about her comeback to sitcoms, Ellen states that it is no longer a challenge. She adds that doing a sitcom is more like a cakewalk for her after so many years. Moreover, she will accept movie offers only if someone offers her a significant role. The one fixed plan right now is the opening of her Rwanda campus. It will be a conservatory and one of Ellen’s dream projects.

Ellen DeGeneres is the same woman whose revelation back in 1997 caused severe turmoil in her career. Over two decades back, a woman revealing that she was gay in front of the whole world was very brave. However, her career was almost going to get over due to a single revelation.

It is amazing how strongly the woman stood against all odds and won 64 Daytime Emmy Awards. In a recent interview about ending the Ellen DeGeneres Show, she makes a revelation. Ellen states that she was reluctant to carry on after Season 16, but the makers did not want her to leave.

They were continuously convincing her to sign for four more seasons, but she was ready for only one more. When the makers told her that there was pressure from the stations and affiliates, Ellen had no other option but to settle for three seasons.

Ellen’s wife, Portia de Rossi, is her biggest support system

After the final contract, Ellen was confident about her decision. Even after the 3000th episode, when everyone was super-emotional, Mike Darnell asked Ellen whether she would leave.

To this, Ellen says that she is aware of how difficult it will be, but she knows that it is finally time to do it. The 62-year old actress likes challenges, and she states it is why she went back to stand up or agreed to host the Oscars.

Ellen also reveals that not just her brother but several others, including the producers of the Ellen DeGeneres Show, were convincing her to stay. She reveals that her brother has always been an honest critic.

After her decision, he told her that many people look up to her every day. However, Ellen wants to stick to her decision and thanks to her wife Portia for supporting her. DeGeneres reveals that besides being her critic, Portia wants her to take up challenges. The main reason is that the latter is now used to seeing Ellen coming back home with a constant desire to do something new.

Since she loves animals and is an environmental advocate, Portia wants Ellen to spend some time doing what she loves to. After the news of the Ellen DeGeneres Show ending, one obvious question popped up for Ellen.

Is there a different reason behind Ellen’s decision?

Did the allegations impact her decisions in any way? Ellen clearly states that the allegations and the situation were personally devastating and negatively impacted the show.

However, that is not at all the reason why she wants to leave after Season 19. She justifies her statement by adding that she would have never come back to host another season if the allegations pushed her to quit. During the interview, Ellen seems a little emotional as she recalls her journey.

She reveals her debut at the very young age of 13. After the separation of her parents, Ellen’s priority was to keep her mother happy. She reveals that her overall motto in life is to spread happiness, and that is what she is trying to do with the Ellen DeGeneres Show for so many years.

When she was standing at the gunpoint of so many allegations, it was hurtful even more because the question was about her ethics. Moreover, she feels that it is a trend now that some people out there enjoy spreading negativity. It is so disappointing to be facing such attacks when all she wants to tell people is to be compassionate.

What will Ellen miss the most about the show after it ends?

When asked about what Ellen will miss the most after she is no longer part of it, she jokingly says it is not the makeup and hair. She adds that the fittings also do not make her happy. However, she will miss being around the people there. The fact that everyone is so supportive is something Ellen will miss a lot.

She recalls how she was not at all so popular when she started. She believes she does not have the conventional Hollywood looks to make an immediate impact. Therefore, she had to work very hard, and the journey was quite long. The one thing about her that she can boast about is her brutal honesty.

She believes that it is a major aspect of her personality, and many people appreciate her. Moreover, Ellen wants to thank the makers and all the associates of the Ellen DeGeneres Show who were standing beside her all through the way. She even recalls incidents when she has suggested weird ideas, and the team has trusted her completely. While she will miss all of it, inside, she is sure that it is time for her to move on.


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