The Most In-demand Affordable and Premium 3 BHK flats in Pune

By | December 27, 2023

The demand for 3BHK apartments in Pune has reached record heights, and you are welcome to this flourishing real estate market. A thriving city that has recently been a popular place for homeowners, Pune is renowned for its vibrant mix of modernism and history. One of the most sought-after options for living quarters is three-bedroom, three-and-a-half bathroom apartments, driven by the city’s fast urbanisation, thriving economy, and cultural wealth.

The appeal of 3BHK apartments is that they provide much room for the money. Families, professionals, and individuals looking for a home that combines design, practicality, and comfort will find what they want in these dwellings. If you’re a professional needing a home office or a family with expanding needs, searching for 3BHK flats in Pune is the perfect blank slate to build your dream life.

To cater to the changing tastes of today’s purchasers, the real estate market in Pune has seen a proliferation of cutting-edge residential developments. Developers emphasise combining cutting-edge conveniences, environmentally conscious elements, and smart home technology to make homes that fit well with modern living.

The rising demand for 3bhk flats in Pune indicates the city’s development and the shifting goals of its inhabitants as it becomes an ever more global metropolis. The real estate industry is experiencing a boom in creative designs, environmental features, and community-oriented living, making 3BHK apartments the essence of contemporary urban living in Pune. Whether you’re an investor or a first-time homeowner, the most popular 3 BHK apartments in Pune provide a lifestyle combining community, convenience, and elegance.

1. Codename Kharadi Greens 

Located in the exciting city of Pune, which is renowned for its pulsating real estate market and flourishing urban culture, Codename Kharadi Greens is a residential project. This project seeks to reimagine contemporary life by integrating cutting-edge architecture, meticulous design, and an array of facilities.

A desirable place to live, Codename Kharadi Greens is conveniently located near many different amenities, including schools, hospitals, retail malls, and public transit.

This 3BHK property for sale in Pune showcases modern design elements, creating a fashionable and practical living space. Residents may unwind and enjoy themselves in manicured gardens and other green areas. The leisure centre, exercise facility, and clubhouse are all well-appointed to meet the fitness and entertainment demands of the inhabitants. Codename Kharadi Greens has round-the-clock security guards and video monitoring to ensure the safety of its inhabitants. 

Codename Kharadi Greens has apartments priced from 1.3 crore and above. These spacious 3BHK flats in Pune are enhanced by the developer’s track record of completing high-quality projects and their dedication to ensuring client happiness.

2. Destiny Bliss

Located in the middle of Pune, the posh Destiny Bliss residential complex is well-known for its high-end features, spacious apartments, and dedication to its inhabitants’ well-being. Key monuments, commercial districts, educational institutions, and recreational hubs are all within easy reach for the inhabitants of Destiny Bliss. Because of its advantageous location, people may enjoy a well-connected and hassle-free living.

The modern and opulent interiors of Destiny Bliss are the pinnacle of luxury and elegance, and they provide a whole new level of amenity. A state-of-the-art clubhouse, fitness centre, swimming pool, and recreational areas are available to residents for pleasure and socialisation. The project has lush, verdant landscaping that will lull you into tranquillity. With 24-hour monitoring, keypad access, and qualified staff, the safety and security of Destiny Bliss residents is our priority. Units at Destiny Bliss start at Rs. 1.32 crore and go up from there. Those looking for affordable 3 BHK flats for sale in Pune may find what they’re looking for at Destiny Bliss. 

3. Taljai Paradise

Offering a perfect synthesis of modern architecture, considerate facilities, and a prime location, Taljai Paradise is a monument to modern life in Pune. 

Taljai Paradise is ideally located in the middle of Pune, close to everything the city offers regarding services, schools, hospitals, and parks. Residents may enjoy the finest city life because of the location’s strategic placement.

Stylish and practical living areas are created by the contemporary architecture and design seen at Taljai Paradise. A fully-stocked clubhouse, exercise centre, and recreational areas are available to residents for use in their own time.

The property has beautifully manicured gardens and expansive green spaces, providing homeowners a tranquil setting to unwind and enjoy. Surveillance, regulated entry points, and trained security professionals are just a few ways Taljai Paradise ensures the safety of its inhabitants.

Units in Taljai Paradise begin at one crore and go up from there. If you’re looking for a contemporary, conveniently located property in Pune, Taljai Paradise is a great option. 

4. Skyi Songbirds

By combining contemporary architecture with environmentally conscious details and a serene setting, Skyi Songbirds exemplifies the pinnacle of Pune luxury living. 

Situated in an ideal area, Skyi Songbirds offers easy access to important sites, commercial districts, schools, and entertainment hotspots. Because of its advantageous location, people may look forward to a convenient and fulfilling way of life.

Sustainable and environmentally responsible design is a core value of Skyi Songbirds, so the company has included several eco-friendly characteristics in their products.

A variety of luxurious facilities are available to residents, including a swimming pool, fitness centre, clubhouse, and other areas for leisure and socialisation.

The project showcases meticulously designed gardens and verdant areas, offering a tranquil setting for leisure and outdoor pursuits. With modern security measures, secure entrance points, and round-the-clock monitoring, Skyi Songbirds emphasises the safety and security of its inhabitants.

Units at Skyi Songbirds start at 98 lakhs and go up from there. If you’re looking for a high-class lifestyle in Pune, Skyi Songbirds is the place for you. 

5. Shirine Garden CHS

A sanctuary for Pune residents, Shirine Garden CHS, offers a perfect synthesis of communal life, modern conveniences, and peaceful solitude. 

The convenient location of Shirine Garden CHS puts a wealth of services, including schools, hospitals, and parks, within easy reach of its inhabitants. The convenient location in the middle of everything makes reaching both the city and the outdoors simple.

The living quarters at Shirine Garden CHS are thoughtfully built to provide residents with high comfort and practicality. A clubhouse, manicured gardens, and places for social meetings are all available to residents, creating a feeling of community.

Monitoring, regulated entry points, and a safe atmosphere are only a few of the security measures put in place by the project to ensure the well-being of its inhabitants.

Shirine Garden CHS offers flats starting from 3 crores in price. This luxury 3BHK flat in Pune for sale is a great option for families and individuals in Pune looking for a balanced lifestyle. 

6. Rohan Mithila Lower Parijat

Rohan Mithila Lower Parijat is the pinnacle of modern Pune living; it combines style, practicality, and usefulness flawlessly, and is amongst the premium 3 BHK flats in Pune for sale. 

Rohan Mithila Lower Parijat is at a prime location, close to many services and amenities, schools, hospitals, and public transit stops. By providing easy access to city amenities while maintaining a peaceful atmosphere, the prime location improves the quality of life for all inhabitants.

Stylish and pleasant living areas are provided to inhabitants by the project’s contemporary and visually beautiful architectural style. A clubhouse, fitness centre, and other recreational areas are available to residents.

Rohan Mithila Lower Parijat has gardens and green areas, making it a peaceful place to unwind and enjoy the outdoors. Surveillance, regulated entry points, and a safe living environment are all part of the project’s commitment to protecting its inhabitants.

Rohan Mithila Lower Parijat has apartments priced starting at 4.25 crores. For those searching for a quality lifestyle in Pune, Rohan Mithila Lower Parijat provides a posh and conveniently located home. 


Finally, for those seeking a contemporary, sophisticated place to call home in Pune, it stands out as a potential gem. A commitment to a well-rounded lifestyle is reflected in the project’s contemporary design, recreational amenities, manicured gardens, and security features. Elegant and cosy living quarters, as well as areas for recreation, exercise, and socialising, are what residents can anticipate. Essentially, real estate in Pune provides a perfect combination of modern living, convenience, and comfort, satisfying the demands of a wide range of purchasers. If you wish to explore more verified property listings in Pune, you must check today and save time and money!

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