The Top 10 richest Korean celebrity of 2022!

By | September 2, 2023

The Hallyu wave is raging globally!! With their precise and plot-driven dramas, impeccable acting, and picture-perfect characterisation, they have earned global repute.  Their fan-following has reached this level: people want to know more about their productions, the stories behind the scenes, and the net worth of celebs associated with the projects. So, here it is – the list of the richest Korean celebrity who has taken the crown in 2022!!

The wait is over!! This article will cover the net worth of the celebs, their sources of income, and their upcoming projects. Let’s dive in –

Listing the richest Korean celebrity for you

The males of K-drama have never let our hearts be still!! Whether it is the finger-heart or their impeccable acting skills – they swoon you right over the moon! So, here is the listicle of the richest Korean celebrity among the males –

#1. Kim Soo Hyun – Actor

The lead showman of the Hallyu craze – the ‘One Ordinary Day’ star – Kim Soo Hyun, is placed first on this list. With a total net worth of $117 million, he is a ‘hit machine’ who is also referred to as the ‘King of Commercials’ in Korea – given that he has filmed more than 30 adverts both in Korea and China.

For the record, the benchmark mental drama ‘It’s Okay To Not Be Okay’ earned him a lumpsum of 200 million Won per episode. Also noteworthy was his stint on Chinese television, earning him 520 million Won for a couple of appearances.

Net Worth – $117 million.

Next Project – Queen of Tears.

richest Korean celebrity

#2. Song Joon Ki – Actor

With ‘Reborn Rich’ breaking all records, Song Joon Ki is professionally having the time of his life. One of the richest Korean celebrity and indeed ranking high in the list of most famous Hallyu stars – Joon Ki reportedly has a net worth of close to $24 million.

Since the 2010 historical drama – ‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal’, he has established himself both in the domestic and international domains. The Flower Boy of Korea has a strong fan following, making him the popular choice for maximum product endorsements.

Net Worth – $21-24 million.

Next Project – Untitled noir film and Hwaran.

#3. Lee Seung Gi – Actor

The 2017 blockbuster – A Korean Odyssey– brought Lee Seung Gi to the forefront! As one of the power earners in Korea, he has been part of hit projects, which have escalated his wealth to multiple folds. For the record – he is officially known as – the Triple Threat courtesy of his prowess as an actor, singer, and host.

Last heard (statistics from the first half of 2022), the ‘Nation’s Little Brother’ net worth stood at $16 million! Also, from what his agency revealed, his endorsement fees go up as high as 700 million Won.

Net Worth – $16 million.

Next Project – Big Family

#4. Yoo Jae Suk – Television Broadcaster and MC

Not an actor, yet one of the richest Korean celebrity who has made it to the list is the National MC of the Korean Republic – Yoo Jae Suk. With his advertising revenue owning up to 5.6 billion Won (statistics from the first half of 2022), he is supposed to receive close to 2.7 billion Won in the current financial year.

Depending on the type of broadcast, the monetary amount paid to him ranges from 10-25 million Won. In fact, he has recently joined a new agency – Antenna – for which a downpayment of 10 billion Won has been made.

Net Worth – His agency has not revealed clear details

Next Project – Television broadcasts

richest Korean celebrity

#5. Shin Dong Yup – Korean entertainer

The 57th Baeksang Arts Awards just concluded, and the seasoned MC Shin Dong Yup and singer-actor Bae Suzy hosted a fantastic evening. Suzy is one of the wealthiest celebs in Korea, but here we are talking about Dong Yup, a cast member of close to 13 television programs.

He supposedly charges 10-20 million Won per episode for most of his programs. As of now, he is currently viewed at 5 billion Won.

Net Worth – $1-5 million (his agency has not revealed specific details)

Next Project – New romance show with queer couples

Let’s change the gender

Those were some of the top male richest Korean celebrity grabbing eyeballs on this list. But standing in the progressive world – women are no less!! Here is a list of female celebs who have made a mark in the ‘rich’ list –

#6. Jun Ji Hyun – Actress

Another very important name on the list of richest Korean celebrity is – Jun Ji Hyun, the lady who single-handedly led the train of female artists of Korea on the global platform. ‘The Legend of the Blue Sea’ actress reportedly has a net worth of $17 million Won and is a highly valued model for the producers. Her endorsement fees rate up to 1 billion Won, with her being the face of 15 brands (still counting).

She is a highly valued part of the Troika of actresses – featuring Kim Tae Hee and Song Hye Kyo, to be the most watched in Korea.

Net Worth – $17-20 million

Next Project – Nothing has been released as of now.

#7. Song Hye Kyo – Actress

The Ultimate Beauty of Korea – the stunning ‘Descendants of the Star’ lady, Song Hye Kyo, has been making it to this list for an eternity. The Queen of Melodrama has a huge fan following and is the darling of adverts. For her Instagram posts, she charges around 500 million Won, while for her endorsements, her fees go up to a whopping 900 million Won.

She was present at the recent Dior event held in the USA and is the brand ambassador of the Paris -based watch brand Chaumet.

Net Worth – $25 million.

Next Project – The Glory.

richest Korean celebrity

#8. Lee Young Ae – Actress

At 50, Lee Young Ae – one of the most notable of the Hallyu stars, is one of the richest Korean celebrity on this list. Known for her impeccable acting skills in critically acclaimed works, such as ‘Dae Jang Geum’, ‘Inspector Koo’, and ‘Jewel in the Palace’, she commands a per episode acting fee of $83,000, with her total net worth amounting up to $40 million.

As a role model for the younger generation, she, apart from acting, is specifically known for her philanthropic activities – donating massive amounts to charities over Korea.

Net Worth – $40 million.

Next Project – Maestra.

#9. Go Hyun Jung – Actress

She is one of the very few actresses in the Korean domain who commands an amount of 100 million Won for her television appearances. As one of the richest Korean celebrity, she has been part of the limelight since the 1989 Miss Korea pageant. With a range of television serials in her kitty, the SBS – aired ‘Sandglass’ made her a name to reckon with in the Korean industry.

Her other notable works include – ‘Miss Conspirator’, ‘Dear My Friends’, and ‘Return.’ After her return from hiatus – she reclaimed her Queen Bee title with the historical drama ‘Queen Seondeok.’ 

Net Worth – $1-8 million (further details have not been revealed by her agency).

Next Project – Mask Girl.

#10. Choi Ji Woo – Actress

This list will not be complete if Choi Ji Woo is not mentioned! The lady who cemented the popularity of Korean drama series globally with her nuanced performance in ‘The Winter Sonata’ is one of the richest Korean celebrity.

With a net worth going up to $17 million and counting (the maximum coming from her acting assignments) – she charges $42,000 for her drama appearances. She has been gracing the screen since 1996 – with ‘First Love.’ Her last outing was the 2020 hit ‘Crash Landing On You.’ 

Net Worth – $17- 18 million.

Next Project – Unnamed thriller drama and a special appearance in the drama ‘Shooting Stars’

Who’s your favourite?

That was quite an exhaustive list of the richest Korean celebrity in the current financial year. With the economics changing next year, surely there will be some additions to this list. Till then, you can let us know who your favourite star is. Also, for more information on such topics – keep checking this site.

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