Summer Vacations Call for Beach Destinations! Just Check the Air Quality First, Though

By | September 2, 2023

The deteriorating air quality is a cause of global concern. Various factors contribute to polluted air, such as carbon emissions, waste, wildfires, volcanoes, dust storms, etc. Due to air pollution, everyone and the planet is at risk of biodiversity loss, illnesses, and much more. WHO says 99% of people breathe impure air, with the annual premature fatality count at 7 million. Although the air quality index considers six variants, some believe the particulate matter is the real culprit. When PM2.5 or particulate matter is inhaled, it enters the bloodstream and triggers risks of lung ailment, cancer, heart disorder, and stroke. If you want a safe summer vacation, choose a place with pure air.

You can determine this by looking at the Air Quality Index (AQI), which can be 0-500. On this scale, places with 50 or below AQI can be the safest, and with above 100, unhealthy. To verify your selected destination’s air health, browse through the summer vacation air quality index by Mybiosource. 120 locations in the country enjoy a safe AQI range. But where do you want to go? As the choices are aplenty, here is a quick suggestion – try Alabama’s Dauphin Island. Why? One reason is the status of clean air, which has an AQI of 37. It is well within the healthy range of 0-50. Then this beach destination has many opportunities for tourists. Let’s explore them.

For nature lovers

On this Island, you cannot miss the Audubon Bird Sanctuary, which has ponds, beach accessibility, sitting areas, and hiking trails. As you navigate it, you can expect a chance encounter with alligators. They lie near the pond to soak in the sun. 

For history lovers

If you want to know the Island’s background, a heritage site like Fort Gaines can be a treat. This 1821 structure has been the witness to the Mobile Bay battle and World War II. You can look at the weapons, cannons, artifacts, documents, and other materials to understand what the island town went through. You can also visit Shell Mound Park on Dauphin Island. It will give you a sneak peek into Native Americans’ fishing and lifestyle habits. It also has a walking trail. 

Public beaches

Day visitors have two locations where they don’t have to pay anything. Whether you visit them or other Alabaman beaches, you can take advantage of recreational opportunities of swimming, shell hunting, walking, and sightseeing. Some people like these beaches for fishing, and they make pre-booking for a day or two. It’s an all-year-round activity here.

Dauphin Island has many things for tourists, from kids to older adults. And the safe air quality adds to its popularity. If you wish to visit a unique destination with your family, it can be a place. People talk about its food and accommodation as well. If you want to stay close to the beach for health, wellness, and fun, options for beach houses are available. You can live only a few steps away from the shore. Also, this island destination can be relatively less crowded, which can be an added advantage.

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