Ujjwal Patni Motivational Speaker Wiki, Biography, App, Videos and Quotes

By | December 21, 2021

Dr Ujjwal Patni is an international trainer, corporate trainer, celebrated motivational author, speaker and top business coach. He had inspired and motivated more than 1 million people throughout the globe by his free motivational videos on life and business in The Ujjwal Patni Show.

This show is released on Ujjwal Patni YouTube channel, Facebook page, Ujjwal Patni mobile app and WhatsApp.

Ujjwal Patni International Trainer and Motivational Speaker

Ujjwal Patni - Motivational speaker

1] Dr. Ujjwal Patni Early Life

Dr. Ujjwal Patni was born on 13th November, 1973. He belongs to a Jain Business family of Chattisgarh. He is the eldest child of the family alongside two siblings.

His father expired at a very young age when he even didn’t know the meaning of the death. At that time, he was busy playing with his friends. He was talented from his childhood days.

2] Dr. Ujjwal Patni Education

He got the privilege of being the first member of family to attend an English medium school. In his school days, he was an average student in studies.

He was rather more attracted towards drama, debates, playing chess and making science models.

After his school days were over, he enrolled in a Dental College. At this stage of his life, he became more passionate about his studies. His seriousness towards studies enabled him to become a brilliant student from an average one. The love

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towards education increased with time. This fondness for education allowed him to achieve the big milestones in various fields.

He is a Bachelor in Dental Surgery with specialization in cosmetics. He holds many more degrees including Masters in Political Science, Masters in Business Administration, Certifications in Consumer Protection and Human Rights.

After completing his degree in Dental Surgery, he followed the path of Medicine for ten years.

After that, the calls of his childhood dream started making him anxious.

He has a great career in Medicine with huge salary, but it was time to make a choice between his career and his dream. It was a tough decision to leave his settled career, but he made the choice in favour of his dream.

This choice changed his life. He felt happy in the process of training and helping people. He started making money by pursuing his dream job.

3] Ujjwal Patni Professional Life

Dr. Ujjwal Patni became a popular figure as motivational author. He has published his books in more than ten languages. This helped him to reach people even from the remote parts of the country. As a result, his popularity increased and he was able to gain huge fan following.

Ujjwal Patni Professional Life

His books have become so popular that they have been included in the syllabus of big engineering and management institutions. This list of institutions also includes prestigious NITs (National Institute of Technology).

Moreover, his books have also been successful in finding a place among school libraries across the country to inspire teachers and students.

He has got great reviews for his books from big publications such as India Today and The Times of India. His writing is based on presenting honest and bitter facts. These properties of his writing have received positive response from the public.

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4] Dr. Ujjwal Patni List of Books

His writings include.

Power Thinking

This book reveals the ideology behind the process of thinking. It contains bitter truths about the effect of thinking on life.

Winners and Losers

A book based on stories and experiences to incorporate winning mentality.

Safal Vakta Safal Vyakti

A book discussing about the ways to improve communication skills. It talks about stage fear, eye-contact, gestures, clothing during the process of communication.

Great Words Win Hearts

A book which talks about Public Speaking, Conversation and Anchoring.

Network Marketing – Judo Jodo Jeeto

A book discussing about how to spread your network in India.

5] Dr. Ujjwal Patni Awards

He is an influential motivational author and corporate trainer. His work has been rewarded with many awards.

The top management wizards body in Asia called Management Teachers Consortium Global has rewarded Dr. Ujjwal Patni with the Best Corporate Trainer title.

At the age of 37, he became the youngest person to be honoured with the prestigious Pundit Sunderlal Sharma Literary award by the Indian Government.

He was felicitated with the Kamal Patra award in 2006 by The Indian Jaycees. This is the biggest national award which is awarded to people under forty years of age with extraordinary achievements. Moreover, he also bagged lifetime achievement award in 2010 from this association.

Famous Personalities of India, including Dr. Kiran Bedi, Anup Jalota and Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh have applauded him for his excellent work and influential words.

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