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What Did Brandon Bernard Do That Ended His Life? 



What did Brandon Bernard do that took his life at the age of 40? Brandon Brandon recently received the death sentence from the United States Federal Government. The death punishment was given to him for his involvement in the murder of two young ministers who were married. Brandon was 18 years old at the time of the murder that took place in June 1999. It was one of the most highlighted executions of the USA. The case gained the limelight due to the involvement of several renowned personalities. They protested against the execution of Brandon Bernard. Read the full post to know the whole story on what did Brandon Bernard do. 

The Whole Story Behind The Brandon’s Death Penalty

Brandon Bernard had his involvement in the murder of the two young politicians murder. According to the court record, the couple headed towards the church near Killeen, Texas. Brandon was one of the five group members. They stopped their car and asked for a ride. When he agreed and stopped the car, they put the politician couple into the trunk of their car and drove them to a secluded place in the vicinity. 

brandon bernard and the politician couple murder case

One of the 19-year-old group members named Christopher Vilva shot the couple in the head to death. Brandon then burnt their car to clean the evidence. Christopher was also executed for committing this crime. The other three members are sentenced to imprisonment, considering them as juvenile as they were below 18 at the crime time. Bernard was executed at a prison in Terre Haute, Indiana, with a deadly injection. 

Federal Executions In the USA

In most states in the USA, the federal execution can be sentenced to the criminals based on the harshness of their crime. Besides, these criminals can also be tried at the national level in federal courts ot at the state level in the regional courts. There are 22 US states where federal executions no more exist. However, in the remaining states, this is practicable. The death sentence is not a common thing. Yet, there are many inmates who are on federal death row.  

Why People Potested Against The Death Verdict Of The Brandon?

Federal executions were paused from the last 17 years until the Donald Trump administration restarted them. However, this decision was not welcomed within the legal community of the United States. They opposed it. Brandon’s federal execution was also opposed among the legal community and citizens of the United States. They openly protested against Brandon’s death sentence. 

Protect for Brandon Bernard

Now you know what did Brandon Bernard do. However, it is essential to understand the reason behind the support he is getting from the renowned personalities of the USA. Below are the logics that support the protects for his federal execution verdict:

1: Low-Key Role In Murder

The first reason was that Brandon was not a key player in the murder of the politician couple. He just put the fire on the car before leaving the spot. The couple was already dead when the fire was added to the vehicle. The person who shot the couple was already executed for his crime. The rest are serving the prison sentence. Brandon already served 20 years of imprisonment. After spending a significant time of his life in prison, he must not be executed, say the supporters. 

2: Inadequate Defence At Trials

Bernard’s legal team argued that his attorney didn’t defend him adequately at the trial, which brings him to death row with the other inmates. It shows that he was less likely to be a big criminal in the future. However, he never had any controversy with anyone in prison. 

3: Opposition From The Living Jurors

The arguments from Brandon’s legal team convinced 5 of the nine living jurors to seize the verdict of his execution. They also wanted the same. Moreover, they voted the death sentence be commuted to life in prison. His attorney asked for this imprisonment before his execution. 

4: Support From The Prosecutor 

Bernard gathered support from the big celebrities, legal experts, and several activists. Even the former prosecutor also argued to alter the death penalty, who earlier wanted to uphold the death sentence. People in the legal community know all the changes in the 20 years, including the behavior of Brandon Bernard. 

5: Good Track Record In The Prison

Brandon had an unblemished track record when he served his prison sentence for 20 years. Everyone in the USA knew what did Brandon Bernard do, and he served enough for his crime. However, the administration of Trump got amend on this matter and finally executed Bernard for the crime he committed 20 years ago. 

Before his execution, he was active in several outreach activities. Moreover, he initiates a few activities with the death-row inmates, such as knitting hats, blankets, sweaters, and others. 

Last Words Of Brandon Bernard 

In his final time, Brandon apologized to the couple killed and their family. He was thinking about his own family and their well-being. Prominent celebrities, such as Kim Kardashian, talked to him. He said not to be sad about his death. He also added, our fight is not over. 

Why Bernard’s Execution Was Different From Other Inmates? 

Bernard was very young at the time of the commencement of the trials. At the time of the committing crime, he was just 18 years old. People came in his support, arguing that this is the age when it is challenging to control your impulses. Besides, they also refer to the other challenges faced by the black people in society at the time of the murder. The list includes the absence of equal rights and racial discrimination. Lack of opportunities was also the main reason along with several others. 

People also blamed the lame-duck administration decision when Donald Trump was the president. You may also perceive it as a political phenomenon in the United States. 

Final Words! 

You are here; it means you exactly know what did Brandon Bernard do. Now you know why people supported him, and how did he finally execute in prison with a lethal injection. If you like to read about eminent people, events, and controversies, visit our blog section. 



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