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By | January 8, 2024

Is Jerry Mathers’ net worth something you are interested in knowing? Known for his role as Beaver Cleaver on the popular television series “Leave It to Beaver,” the former child actor has had an interesting and varied career, both behind and in front of the camera. The purpose of this article is to provide a more detailed overview of his life, career, and estimated net worth.

Who is Jerry Mathers?

Theodore “Beaver” Cleaver was Jerry Mathers’ character in the popular TV show “Leave It to Beaver,” broadcast from 1957 to 1963. Additionally, he has played an important role in a variety of TV shows and films throughout his career, as well as working behind the scenes as a producer and director. Aside from his business and political involvement, Mathers has also developed his nutritional supplement line.

Jerry Mathers Net Worth:  

Approximately $3 million is the estimated net worth of the former child star. A great deal of Mathers’ net worth can be attributed to his long and varied career in the entertainment industry, as well as his entrepreneurial endeavors.

Jerry Mathers Biography:

Jerry Mathers’ Early life

Mr. Mathers was born in Sioux City, Iowa, on June 2, 1948. The actor began his career in show business when he was just two years old, modeling for magazine advertisements. When Mathers was five years old, he made his film debut in the movie “This is My Love.” He has since appeared in a wide variety of films and television shows.

Jerry Mathers’ Early Career:  

Mathers began his modeling career when he was only two years old when he appeared in magazine advertisements. At the age of five, he made his film debut in the movie “This Is My Love”, and went on to appear in numerous other movies and television programs.

Nevertheless, it is his role as Beaver Cleaver on the television series Leave It to Beaver that made him a household name. Throughout its run from 1957 to 1963, the show followed the adventures of the Cleaver family, and Mathers’ portrayal of the mischievous, lovable Beaver made him an American icon.

During the 1950s and 1960s, Mathers developed into one of the most recognizable child stars due to his performances on the television show “Leave It to Beaver.”. During his adolescence and early adulthood, Mathers continued to work in television and film, as well as pursuing other interests.

Jerry Mathers’ Post-Acting Career: Business and Politics

Jerry Mathers began exploring other interests after his acting career slowed down. The former military officer attended college and earned a degree in philosophy in addition to serving in the U.S. Army. His involvement in the entertainment industry continued, however, as a producer and director behind the scenes.

Along with his involvement in the entertainment industry, Mathers also became involved in business and politics. As a councilman for Thousand Oaks, California, he served from 1998 to 2004. He has been involved in several entrepreneurial endeavors.

In addition to creating his line of nutritional supplements, Mathers has been very successful in his business endeavors. This line of products, titled “Jerry Mathers’ Beaver Creek Nutritional Supplements,” promotes overall health and wellness. It has been stated that Mathers created the line to assist people in improving their health and quality of life.

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1. What is Jerry Mathers’ net worth?

Jerry Mathers is estimated to be worth $3 million according to Celebrity Net Worth.

2. What is Jerry Mathers best known for?

It is most well-known that Jerry Mathers performed the role of Beaver Cleaver in the popular television series “Leave It to Beaver.”

3. Did Jerry Mathers continue to work in the entertainment industry after “Leave It to Beaver”?

Jerry Mathers indeed continued to work in television and film following the filming of “Leave It to Beaver,” but he also pursued other interests, such as business and politics.

4. What entrepreneurial ventures has Jerry Mathers been involved in?

Throughout his entrepreneurial career, Jerry Mathers has been involved in numerous ventures, including the development of his line of nutritional supplements.


He has established a substantial net worth through his long and varied career as an entertainer, entrepreneur, and other interests. Indeed, Mathers is best known for his role in “Leave It to Beaver,” but he has established himself to be a versatile and talented individual, with a long list of accomplishments to his credit.

Jerry Mathers has always been active and engaged in his chosen fields, whether he is acting, producing, directing, or promoting health and wellness through his nutritional supplement line. As a measure of his success, his net worth only represents a small part of his accomplishments, but it serves as a reminder of the influence he has had on American pop culture and the world at large.

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