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Know All About Jamal Murray Girlfriend And Their Scandalous Love Affair!


Jamal Murray – signed under the Denver Nuggets of the NBA, is having one of the best seasons! As its star guard, Murray has been performing exceptionally well, routing the team to win after win. With the NBA finals knocking at the door and Murray driving the Denver Nuggets to another fantastic win after shoving the LA Lakers aside, netizens’ interest in the Canadian star has peaked. Thanks to their digging – the story about the sex tape of Jamal Murray girlfriend – Harper Hempel, has come to light. 

For those who are unaware, the couple had indulged in some intimate moments, snippets of which were leaked to the public – thereby affecting their relationship. This article will give you insight into the same and give you a glimpse of how their life changed after that – even leading to their breakup. 

Who is Jamal Murray girlfriend? 

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Canadian basketball player Jamal Murray’s girlfriend’s name is Harper Hempel. To date, people cannot seem to forget the controversy about their leaked video and want to know more about the same. In fact, with the NBA memes making the rounds on the internet again, without a doubt, people want to get back to the past. 

From what has been gathered from multiple sources, Harper Hempel, the girlfriend of Jamal Murray, is a native of Kentucky and attended the Ryle High School Union, Kentucky. She works at Fact & Fiction as a social media manager. Hempel also supposedly works at All Social Jessie as a media and marketing manager. 

She is a social media influencer (her 67k Instagram followers are proof of that) and is also a noted photographer running her own firm Harper Hempel Photography. Assuredly, public records state – she has a net worth of $1 million. 

Though people seem to know her more as Jamal Murray girlfriend but for the unversed – she is also a noted volleyball player. In fact, the Kentucky Volleyball Coaches Association has named her All-State champion thrice. Added to that – she won the district MVP and the Team Leadership Awards in 2011. 

 It was during one of her stances at Kentucky University that she met Jamal Murray. 

What was their love story like? 

Theirs was quite a love story; you wouldn’t want to miss it! The couple met at Kentucky University when Hempel was studying Marketing and Digital Media (under the Gatton School of Business). Though Murray was a basketball player and Hempel a volleyball star, they soon found friendship and love in each other’s company. 

Since then, the couple have been together. The star player’s excelled in their fields and ventured into their respective careers, continuing their relationship in the meantime. 

What is the sex tape scandal?

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As they say, every great love story brings testing times for its protagonists. Quite similarly, in this case as well – in the March of 2020, Murray’s Instagram account was hacked. The hacker released a host of Jamal Murray girlfriend photos, as well as a sex tape that the couple had filmed. 

Initially, Murray’s fans and followers thought it was some kind of couple stunt, but soon Murray stated that his Instagram account was hacked and the hacker had placed the video there to malign the couple and garner some fortune. 

The concerned video was downloaded and shared amongst one and all multiple times, making it not only national news but also part of NBA memes. Though they were a most-loved couple, this incident did disturb their relationship, and they did break up for a brief period. 

However, the couple since then has kept their relationship low-key and does not post many photos together. Clearly, they are a couple who have truly defeated obstacles and stayed true to their love. 

What were their reactions to this controversy?

The couple, jointly as well as individually, had confirmed the hack and asked for the audience’s empathy and understanding. They had requested the people who had already downloaded and circulated the videos to delete those. Also, they had tendered an unconditional apology for hurting their fan’s sentiments.  

What is Jamal Murray girlfriend doing now? 

From what has been last heard, after the whole sex tape leak fiasco, the couple has kept their love lives low-key. They have stopped sharing their intimate photos online and rather are concentrating on building their careers. 

While Jamal Murray has, post that incident, steered his team, Denver Nuggets, to victory after victory (only suffering from a massive injury in the middle), Harper Hempel continues influencing netizens with her immaculate fashion sense through her social media. 

Wrapping up 

Without a doubt, this scandalous story gave another glimpse into how celeb couples and celeb relationships are always under scrutiny and how they are cornered into vulnerable situations. Whatever happened between Jamal Murray girlfriend and him was a personal matter and was dragged out of proportion for absolutely no reason. 

However, his fans only prayed for his well-being, and it was sheer pleasure to see him back performing so well in the court. If you liked this story and want to get more stories like this – keep following this page. 


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