5 matching outfit ideas for couples to check out this season!

By | November 6, 2023

So you have this fashion-averse partner whom you wish to twin with, but everything you pick up seems cringy to your ‘significant half.’ With this dilemma at hand, how do you pick up matching outfits that look uber-cool on both of you and surely don’t make your partner shout out loud? Here are some cool matching outfit ideas for couples that you may try. The trend of twinning has been popular for quite some time, and this content will give you a deeper insight into the same.

Also, we have given you a range of shade cards for you to choose from. Be assured – the hues used here are currently trending from rampways to marriage aisles. Let’s find out some more details –

Some of the top matching outfit ideas for couples

In this section, we have put out some ideas for couple outfits in different scenarios –

1. You like to laze out at home

If you are one of those couples who like to spend most of their time at home, there’s nothing better than twinning in – a pair of cotton hoodies and sweatpants. You could also alternate it with a hoodie and shorts combo. If you check online, you will find a number of ‘his-and-her’ combos in monochrome or contrasting shades.

To spice up your look, you can opt for – patterned or block-printed hoodies, or you can emboss a special date (couple’s anniversary, birthdates) on the hoodie.

matching outfit ideas for couples

2. You are the casual street hoppers

Are you the ‘always in casuals’ type of couple? In that case, looking for matching outfit ideas for couples can be tricky. After all, what more could you hop in and about apart from jeans and tees? We’ll tell you –

3. Trouser-shirt and patterned dress combo

If you are ditching your jeans, then you can always opt for a pair of trousers in shades of white/cream and pair it up with a patterned/block-printed shirt. As far as the lady is concerned, a striped midi dress or a knee-length dress in the same floral print can be a fantastic addition.

4. Wearing quoted shirts

This is one of the best matching outfit ideas for couples! Either you can emboss each other’s names/birthdates on the shirt, or you can go in for a common quote that you both love. If that’s not it, then choosing a single-line statement defining how you both met can be another idea.

matching outfit ideas for couples

5. Matching sets of leisurewear

If you are falling back in terms of ideas, then you may choose matching sets of leisurewear to lounge around the streets! From sweatpants to jackets to puffer overcoats – from the color to the pattern, match it all before stepping out.

6. What if you both are fitness freaks?

Are you the kind of couple who enjoy working out together? In that case, every time you go in for your morning run or hit the treadmill at the gym, you can appear in a pair of sports luxury outfits. From matching sports jerseys to ‘couple sets’ of joggers, polo T-shirts, and sweatshirts – from mostly black, grey, and white to mix-n-match shades – you have a plethora of matching outfit ideas for couples.

7. Do you run a business together?

All play and no fun make Jack a dull boy! You have heard this multiple times, and it is time to change the game. If you, as a couple, head a business together, then – a suit for the man and a skirt – set for the lady would be an ideal option.

If you wish to explore matching outfit ideas for couples – then you can opt for coordinated business suits – skirt combo (in block shades or light pastels), khakis – dress shirts – open collar shirts for men combined with ladies’ suits.

Looking for an option? For the lady – fitted collar top, plaid midi skirt, Oxford vintage heels. Pairing it up with a man – dress pants with a pair of polo shirts.

8. Planning a holiday?

If you are looking for matching outfit ideas for couples, when planning for a holiday, matching swimwear (floral printed or patterned ones) or matching outerwear, or even monochrome overalls, can be an ideal choice.

If you are planning on a winter outing, then go in for similar-hued trunk coats and ankle boots. For those going partying on your holidays, you can always opt for a floral dress and casual tee-shorts combo for the lady and the lad! You can spice up the look with the standard black-red combo, or opt for patterned couple outfits.

matching outfit ideas for couples

Which colors are trending in 2023?

Whether you are the epitome of the casual couple or you are pairing with each other in a formal set-up, there are some contrasting color shades that you must check out. They are –

Talking of ethnic outfits –

  • Powder blue with grey or blush pink
  • Matching steps with each other in metallics and silver combo
  • Pairing up pastel shades with white – complementing each other’s attire
  • Red upper garment for the man coordinating with a red attire for the lady

If you want to keep it cool and casual –

  • Mud brown with olive green makes for a great contrast
  • Pairing yellow and sage green is a good idea
  • Go for monochromes – especially black, white, and grey
  • Ivory and peach/yellow/blush pink

These are some of the most opted-matching outfit ideas for couples that have been trending in the current market. When picking out couple’s outfits, keep in mind these shades and rest assured you won’t have to bear a bored look from your fashion-averse partner.

Wrapping up

So, how did you like this listicle of matching outfit ideas for couples? Do let us know if you have some suggestions from your end. Till then, keep visiting this site for more updates on the latest fashion trends!

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