Myths and Facts About Laser Hair Removal

By | August 22, 2023

Laser hair removal can greatly reduce the problems associated with stubborn, dark, or quickly growing hair in undesirable places. It is quick, simple, painless, and semi-permanent to receive laser treatment instead of regularly shaving or waxing your body hair.

But if you’re like most people, you probably have preconceived views about procedures such as Brazilian laser hair removal. Stop for a minute and let the article explain the myths so you may get on the path to smooth, hair-free skin rather than continuing to misunderstand the technique.

What is Laser Hair Removal?

People worldwide use laser hair removal daily to eliminate unwanted hair in all regions of their bodies. Laser hair removal is an efficient method for permanent hair removal. Unfortunately, a lot of the common knowledge regarding laser hair removal emerged in the early stages of this technology, giving rise to several untrue myths today.

The procedure accurately targets the skin’s hair follicles by applying energy from particular wavelengths in the treatment area. This eventually causes the hair follicle to be damaged, which reduces overall hair growth by completely altering the hair growth cycle over time.

Listed below are a few laser hair removal myths:

Myth #1: Laser hair removal gives permanent results after just one session

Fact: More than one treatment is typically necessary for noticeable hair loss. This is because hair falls out and grows back in cycles. This means you cannot expect to get rid of your unwanted hair in one session. Your hair will not all be on the same cycle.

The hair is targeted throughout several sessions, leading to noticeable hair loss if the treatment has been administered more than once. If you anticipate complete hair removal in only one session, you’ll be disappointed with the outcomes.

Myth #2: Not all hair colors will respond to laser hair removal

Fact: Many people think that laser hair removal only works on persons with light complexion and dark hair since lasers target the melanin in dark hairs, and early machines needed great contrast to perform successfully. However, modern machines are more precise than ever and can work with practically all hair hues.

Myth #3: Laser Hair Removal Can Potentially Harm Internal Organs

Fact: The damage or impairment of Internal organs has nothing to do with laser hair removal. During the process, the laser beam only goes beyond a predetermined limit. The hair removal lasers may reach only around a quarter of a millimeter of your skin. There is no way it can reach your inside organs.

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has given the cosmetic surgery of laser hair removal the seal of approval, making it the safest. If any side effects occur, they are brief and go away on their own in days.

Myth #4: Pain from laser hair removal is excessive

Fact: The most infamous and widely held misconception regarding laser hair removal is that it is a very uncomfortable cosmetic surgery. Most patients undergoing the same operation only feel mild to moderate discomfort and pain. Because the laser beams are incident on the skin, discomfort is present, although not very severe. You might feel some burning in the places that have been treated. However, this occurrence cannot be regarded as exceeding the patient’s pain threshold.

If you have experience with traditional hair removal methods like waxing and threading, you can be reassured that laser hair removal will be much better and less painful.

Myth #5: A Treatment for Laser Hair Removal is Prolonged

Fact: There is nothing to hide that laser hair removal doesn’t happen instantly. You must be constant and keep doing it to get the finest outcomes. Despite this, it goes far more quickly than most people realize.

Depending on the person, the recommended session length ranges from six to ten sessions. Since there must be a 4–6-week interval between each treatment, you might finish your laser hair removal adventure in less than a year! It is proven that most individuals have an 80% reduction in overall hair growth once they complete their laser hair removal course.

Myth #6: The Results of Laser Hair Removal for Everyone is the Same 

Fact: Contrary to assertions that every person receives the same outcome, the truth is that results can differ greatly among people. Everything depends on several variables, including your skin tone and the kind, texture, and color of the hair you wish to get rid of.

Medical research has shown that light-colored hair responds poorly to laser beams during laser hair removal operations. On the flip side, laser beams are the most effective way to treat thick, coarse, and black hair. Such hair absorbs the most heat energy, so the laser beam is transmitted during the treatment.

Myth #6: Laser Hair Removal Promises Permanent Hair Removal

Fact: The hair follicle is permanently damaged by laser hair removal, preventing future hair growth from that follicle. However, most people need maintenance follow-ups following laser hair removal due to the density of hair follicles throughout the body and the natural changes over time.

Over time, the need for these maintenance appointments decreases to the point that many people just need a touch-up session once every year or two. Although the benefits of laser hair removal are long-lasting, a course of treatment does not guarantee permanent hair eradication.

Myth #7: Darker-skinned Individuals Cannot Undergo Laser Hair Removal

Fact: In reality, it is undoubtedly possible for those with darker complexion to benefit from this procedure. This is another myth resulting from the early application of the treatment, which was intended to cure a specific form of pigmentation in the patient’s skin and hair.

The preceding deciding elements were based on the contrast between the skin and hair colors. Technology has improved, so people with darker hair can now use it. However, it’s crucial to ensure your doctor is aware of the particular requirements of people with various skin tones and kinds to obtain properly customized care.


Even though many of these myths about laser hair removal were previously valid, technology has advanced and improved. Long-term hair removal for all skin and hair types is now easier, more comfortable, and more durable because of these machines’ increased sophistication, sensitivity, and effectiveness.

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