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By | August 12, 2023

The Princess of Monaco – Grace Kelly, is no longer with us. Yet the Grace Kelly wedding dress is still a topic of concern, with one and all trying to emulate the design. So, what is so special about this dress? Designed by Helen Rose, this celebrated dress had a high neckline and a silk taffeta skirt featuring pearls sewn by the hand. Apart from the fact that it took months to create the ivory faille, the cummerbund, and the train insert, the Bible carried with this dress made for the perfect match.

So, why are you suddenly interested in this? A wedding coming up, and you wish to customize quite a similar dress for yourself? Otherwise, was it just a random thought after reading an article in the latest fashion magazine? In either case – this write-up will provide you with the details associated with this wedding dress.

You will also get additional information regarding using the correct accessories with this dress lookalike. Navigate down this page to gather the details

Grace Kelly wedding dress – The ‘distinctive’ dress

In those days of initial paparazzi culture, the wedding of Hollywood Star Grace Kelly with the Prince of Monaco was a huge affair. The tabloids tried covering every detail. The epitome of Hollywood glamour, Kelly’s wedding dress was not just one of the ‘most remembered’ gowns of all time but also the most celebrated of the 20th century.

If you had to describe this dress ideally – it was: Silhouette in white (quite like the Christian standards) with an ivory faille-shielded bell-shaped skirt attached to a triple petticoat that gave way to a lacy train. Since it was high-necked, so the bodice was re-embroidered to make the seams invisible. A set of pearls was also added to this bodice to improve the decor of this gown.

Grace Kelly wedding dress

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Also, talking of the three-tiered petticoat, the foundation petticoat was simultaneously followed by the ruffled and the smoothing petticoat. To complete the look – this was decked with tulle, and lace was inserted. Forgoing the wedding tiara, the glam-fairy queen chose a silk cummerbund and a pearl-laced Juliet cap for the veil.

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What added that ‘extra’ edge to the pristine Grace Kelly wedding dress was a pearl and silk ornamented Bible and a bouquet of Lilies of the Valley. Her pearl-ornamented pumps were designed by none other than David Evins to match up the charm of Prince Rainier of Monaco. The final touch of the wreath made from paper orange blooms makes for a dreamy sight.

The second dress that not everyone knows

Well, that was just one wedding dress that most people know. For the uninitiated – the recognized Grace Kelly wedding dress is on display at the Philadelphia Museum of Art for the beholders of beauty.

Moving on – famed designer Helen Rose designed another wedding dress for the Hollywood ‘sweetheart’ with a pastel pink base. Curated completely out of taffeta, this was shielded with the notable French Alencon lace and fitted with a round-collared jacket. The fitted bodice and the skirt that was in the shape of a bell – made for a distinct silhouette compared to wedding gowns of that time.

With the civil ceremonies done – the Princess opted for a pure white Lanvin gown in silk to grace her wedding reception.

She does look ethereal, doesn’t she? Naturally, wanting to wear a lookalike of Kelly’s wedding dress does sound like a perfect bridal demand.

How about getting an ‘inspired copy’?

Well, with all the disappointment and financial backlogs, you may not be able to get MGM Studios to sponsor your dress or even Rose to design yours. But then, with the Grace Kelly wedding dress design passed on to your designer, you could very well get an ‘almost same version’. After all – Sushmita Sen won the Miss Universe title in 1994 with a dress stitched by a local tailor.

So, just get a digital copy of this dress and send it to your designer to get the best available mime of this recognized attire.

Highlighting the dress the right way

Wearing the style and carrying it with elan are two different things. Say the tailor makes the ideal Grace Kelly wedding dress inspired attire for you; how would you highlight that? Here are some styles –

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#Try leaving your hair knotted with blooms under the veil. Pair it up with chandelier earrings with minimal make-up.

#The original dress was stitched with pearls, but she was the Princess. You could also choose some colored stones to stitch in. Otherwise, you could choose the random loose harvested pearls (that are comparatively affordable) and integrate them into your gown.

#If you are an experimental bride, rather than white, you could choose other shades and change the pattern of the triple-petticoat into something that suits you more.

#You could very well infuse your personal style into the basics of this wedding dress to curate the look as per your demand. Perhaps a little intrusion in the style, a change of the fabric from taffeta to something more accessible. Consult with your designer before jumping to a conclusion.

#Try out chunky studs for accessorizing the look. You could perhaps sling in a small locket and go in for platform heels. Add on a wedding tiara to enhance the look of the gown. Nude lips and smoky eyes go in for a killer combo!

Grace Kelly wedding dress

Image Credit: Good Housekeeping

Where could you wear it?

If you are a little creative and thinking of where else, you might wear the Grace Kelly wedding dress inspired attire you got for yourself – this segment also has answers to that.

1. Lose out the veil and match it up with chunky earpieces and a rhinestone bracelet; you could very well add some shine to a formal party.

2. You could add some laces to the already lacy gown (try changing the type of lace and the tulle) and wear it to someone else’s wedding ceremony. Match it up with a tiara, leave your hair open or in a half-knot with blossoms tied and pair it up with contrasting pumps. You are set to rock!

How was the glam-up experience?

That was all about – the Grace Kelly wedding dress and some more. You could very well choose this style for your gown and embellish them in the styles mentioned beforehand. If you choose any of these styles, do not forget to share some tips with us. Also, do check this space for more!


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