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By | August 12, 2023

Catch up on all the buzz surrounding Sean Larkin wife, relationship, and new projects. The former law enforcement officer, Sam, has been in love with multiple partners — not necessarily all of them are his wife.

As per the handsome television star’s dating history, his first wife was Tammy Jean Stocks. They started dating in the 1990s when Sam was about to join the police force. Through thick and thin, Sean Larkin wife had been a great match in the 90s.

Fortunately, the love birds had a long time fly before their divorce — more than six years. In 2003, they brought their second child before separation. It was Sean’s hectic work schedule behind their separation.

In another case, Sean Larkin ex wife Vanessa dodged Sean with extramarital affairs. After their split, the glamorous pop singer Lana Del Rey entered the scene. The millionaire partner has been in the media spotlight since day one.

Sean’s low-profile wife, Carey Cardieux, did not grab media attention. Even it is a challenging task to bring her to notice. Once Sean Larkin wife attended the award ceremony with him. It stunned everyone as they had a rare public appearance.

Sean also avoids comments about their ups and downs in one year of marriage. So, Sean Sticks Larkin wife, Carey, is almost out of the media’s reach.

Today we will discuss about his millionaire ex-girlfriend, Lana Del Rey.

Lana Del Rey bio

As the spotlight shines on Sean Larkin’s former partner Lana Del Rey, you can discover some exciting developments about her lifestyle, relationship, career, controversy, and upcoming projects.

Sean Larkin, nicknamed Sticks, had a warm relation with glamourous Lana Del Rey. The diva makes million dollars by creating a mesmerizing world of music.

Lana Del Rey, at a glance

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Childhood and Family

Known for her powerful voice and flawless fashion sense, Lana is the epitome of beauty with a voice. The Manhattan girl turned 37 recently with his decade-old singing journey.

The American singer-songwriter belongs to an affluent family. Her father, Robert, was a real estate broker and copywriter. His supportive father is called ‘nepo daddy’ by haters as she reaps off privilege.

The multi-millionaire father sends her expensive school in Connecticut with a yearly fee of $40,000. There she learned how to play guitar while living in Long Island with her uncle and aunt.


Over 13 years in the industry, Lana Del Rey’s career has been marked by tremendous success, with several popular albums.

In 2005, Lana Del was about to release a CD with her actual name; the album name was Sirens. For some reason, the plan had been canceled.

After a long gap, in 2011, she released her two songs Blue Jeans and Video Game on Youtube. Fortunately, it worked, and she did not need to look back. She also directed popular music videos titled You Can Be The Boss and On Our Way and was featured nine times by BBC radio.

Her first official album, Born to Die, achieved massive success in 2012. The first debut album crosses the selling milestone of 3.4 million copies!

With solo hits like Cruel World, and Shades of Cool, the album debuted at the top spot on the US Billboard ranking. In 2013, she worked on songs titled Magic Tree and Young and Beautiful. In 2014, Lana Del had some more hit like Big Eyes, and I Can Fly.

The album Born to Die sold over 7 million copies. Her popular album, Honeymoon, was released in 2015. Her 2019 album Norman F*cking Rockwell broke all records and invited some controversies also. With countless works every year for more than one decade, she continues t0 shine in 2023.

Lana Del Net Worth

By selling her exceptional talent as a singer, Lana made yearly around $3 million without a tax slab. She mints around $200k every month, which means her daily income is $6,500.

If your organization wants to hire Lana for a concert, get ready with $999,999 to $1,499,000! Her canceled concert during the summer tour achieved $2 million. It was during the pandemic.

Her luxurious house in Hollywood Hills costs around $5.4 million. In addition, she has some popular clients in the modeling world, like H&M, Mulberry, and many more. She has a good collection of vintage and advanced cars. For example, her huge collection contains an old Mercedes-Benz 380SL, an advanced Ferrari California, and a Jaguar F.

Helping people in distress is also her passion. Her team supported American orchestras during the pandemic with an undisclosed amount. The rap singer donates $3,50,000 for the clean water mission.

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Relationship timeline of Lana Del Rey

Lana attended Sean’s marriage event in January 2022. During their most anticipated wedding Sean Sticks Larkin wife, Carey Cardieux, looked gorgeous and appealing.

Lana Del is making headlines for gossip about her new relationship. She is very demanding and always looking for an ‘equal’ match. Even though she does not want to reveal her relationship status to a public forum, the media nerds are always busy to unearth her secrets.

Showbiz reporters have cooked up many stories since her album days of “Born to Die.” She is rumored to many coworkers, musicians, and photographers.

Her recent companion is Jack Donoghue and their appearances are fueling some gossip. However, Jack is the band member of Salem, and denied to confirm on anything related.

Back in 2011, the 6-time Grammy nominee started a romantic relationship with Scottish singer Barrie-James O’Neill. In 2014, soon after their separation, Lana was clicked multiple times with Francesco Carrozzini. The relationship was also strong with G-Eazy and Clayton Johnson.

Lana Del wants to describe her relationship goals as her stress busters!

Lana Del Rey awards

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Follow Lana Del Rey

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Controversies loom over Lana Del Rey

The Norman F*cking Rockwell’s glamourous creator Lana had a happy ride on fame, beauty, and money. But her headline-making trend for negative reasons started in 2020. Here we combine some of her career’s biggest controversies.

In 2020, she schooled her critics and haters ahead of her new album launch program. The alt-pop singer also poked other rappers like Doja Cat, Ariana, and Cardi B in her Instagram post to defend her activities.

But there is no rest for Showbiz writers. In the same year, 2020, she defied Covid norms and met fans with a mesh mask. The Last for Life singer faced strong criticism in 2014 for saying feminism was not an interesting subject for her.

She invited more trouble in her short film Tropico. She played the role of a stripper with a controversial tattoo on her belly saying Trust No B*tch. However, her fan and followers believed she was unfairly dealt with in the past.

The singer was also dropped from Grammy nomination multiple times due to ongoing controversies related to her.

Final Thoughts

There is a saying they Lana is not everybody’s cup of tea. But her hypotonic song Every Man Gets His Wish makes you feel that she is some selective people’s glass of champagne!

In 2020, during the pandemic period, she negatively impacted her own brand image. Some entertainment news evaluators thought she crossed the peak time of her career and got involved in multiple relations. Maybe the rich queen is facing an inferiority complex.

Despite multiple breaks up, gossip, and controversies, the alt-pop singer is unstoppable. Lana Del’s latest album, Did You Know That There’s a Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd, is undoubtedly an ambitious work in 2023.

The recent album downs the criticism over her over-polished and formulaic music practice. Already it resonates with hearts of all ages. We hope she continues this charismatic tradition and does not allow her personal life to shadow her performance.


1. Who are Lana Del Rey’s exes?

She has had multiple relationships in one decade. The list is as follows Jimmy Gnecco, Steven Mertens, James Franco, Clayton Johnson, Sean Larkin, Francesco Carrozzini, Andrew Gillott, Justin Murdock, and some more. Currently, Italian Evan Winiker is her fiance.

2. Why did Sean Larkin retire?

Sean Larkin’s early retirement is the reason for her deepening footsteps in the entertainment world. Multiple TV shows offer him to join with a lucrative amount.

3. Who Is Sean Larkin new wife after divorce with Tammy Jean Stocks?

In January 2022, Sean married his long-time girlfriend, Carey Cardieux.

4. Where is Sean Larkin now?

The former Tulsa ‘police officer,’ Sean Sticks Larkin, is hosting a Fox network show. The outgoing Live PD star hosts a new crime series called “Crime Cam 24/7” on FOX Nation. It started on July 7 at 6 pm. But the program has a tussle with COPS; both have the same timeslot.

5. Where is Sean Sticks Larkin?

Larkin always tries to switch to new experiences. Presently, he hosts Fox Nation’s popular show Crime Cam 24/7. It is streamed every Friday at 6 pm.

Tulsa’s most famous police officer’s sudden retirement decision in July 2021 surprised his department, friends, and fans. People close to him claimed that podcasts, live shows, and the entertainment worlds were the reason for his early retirement. In July 2021, he published his first book. He achieved multiple passive income goals before his resignation.

6. Who was Sean Larkin wife 2022?

In early 2022, Carey Cardieux and Sean Sticks Larkin became husband and wife officially. Sean Larkin broke the hearts of many. Sean Sticks Larkin wife Vanessa was under fire for cheating him with an extramarital affair.

On social media, fans flooded the comments section with compliments for Sean Larkin wife. Fans were excited to catch a glimpse of Sean Larkin wife but they are disappointed.

7. Is Lana Del Rey’s dad a millionaire?

The 69 years old ‘young-old’ man, Rob Grant, was a former advertising copywriter and Lana Del Rey’s father. For his first public appearance, the millionaire is suggested to coin the term “Lost at Sea” to promote his album. However, before he could do that, someone on social media used the term nepo daddy, and surprisingly, Rob loved it.

The unique chemistry between the father and daughter duo helped them to team up for a professional journey also. It was a heartwarming moment when they joined forces for the first time on the song Sweet Carolina. The song was the last track of Lana’s 2021 album Blue Banisters.

8. Why is Lana Del Rey so rich?

Lana Del Rey was born rich. The Billboard Music awardee belonged to an affluent family in Manhattan (US). Her father was an ad copywriter and real estate broker. It is also believed he is the same person who owns Web Media properties.

Beyond inheritance property, her hypotonic voice and footprint modeling world helped her to make an empire of $30 million. She mints main money from her albums, live concerts, and collaboration with co-singers. In addition, she is also a songwriter.

9. What is Lana Del Rey net worth?

In 2023, Lana Del’s total property value stands at an impressive $30 million. Her soulful voice is the primary income source. She also makes additional bucks from songwriting and as a musician.Her talent as a fashion model opens another source of income.

10. How many Grammys does Lana Del Rey have?

Lara Del was nominated six times for Grammy. Unfortunately, she failed to kiss the gold-plated gramophone. During her Grammy nomination journey from 2014 to 2020, she was selected for multiple songs in a single event. But it seems last-minute equations always disappointed the singer and her loyal fans.

11. Who has the most Grammys?

British-Hungerian Georg Solti won 31 Grammy awards. Originally, he belonged to Chicago Symphony Orchestra. But Beyoncé broke the record for Grammy and won her 32nd Grammy. She is the most awarded Grammy artist in history. She was nominated for the award 88 times!

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