Where Should You Have a Board Meeting?

By | August 11, 2023

Board Meeting

Have you recently become a director with a company? This can be a huge achievement, but with this new position, you are going to have certain responsibilities. You will be taking on a lot of work and you have to do your best for the company.

One thing that a lot of new directors get confused about is board meetings. Where should they take place and what are the procedures? Well, we are going to take a closer look at where they can be held, so you can get a better idea of what to expect.

Where Can You Hold a Board Meeting?

Most of the time, directors of companies want to have a board meeting in person. This is the easiest way to communicate and cover all of the topics that need to be addressed. Often, there is notice given for meetings so that everybody is able to attend. You can read more about calling a board meeting on the link. Ideally, everybody is going to attend and this can be at an office or other agreed location. For example, it is possible to hire a meeting room for the occasion and to ensure confidentiality. Most of the time, the details are agreed to by the directors and to suit everyone equally.

Can You Have a Board Meeting by Telephone?

There are going to be cases when not all directors can attend a board meeting. But, everybody still wants to go ahead on the date and time that has been decided on. So, you might be wondering, can you conduct a board meeting by telephone? The answer is yes if the company allows this.

A board meeting can take place by telephone. This could be the case where several directors attend the meeting in person while one or two join through the telephone. The format allows everyone to still attend, being able to contribute and listen in real-time. Again, as long as directors know in advance, this should not be a problem.

Can You Hold a Board Meeting by Video Conference Call?

In the last few years, it has been common to host all types of business meetings through video conference calls. This has been due to distance and not being able for all directors to be together. While this was something that was necessary at the time, directors want to know if this format is still going to be permissible. Again, the answer appears to be yes.

As long as a company allows video conference calls, this can allow a board meeting to go ahead and be held in this way. Again, this can be a good way to interact with others that are not able to attend in person. Some directors prefer this format since you can see someone’s face and this can lead to more effective communication.

You have to remember that video conference calls are not always reliable for board meetings. For example, the Wi-Fi can fail for directors and this is going to affect communication. It can also disrupt discussions and throw them off track. This is particularly true when there are delays or Wi-Fi issues.

Can You Have a Board Meeting Through Email?

Another format people are curious about when it comes to board meetings is hosting one through a series of emails. While this can be a good way to communicate informally with your team, it is not generally thought to be a good way to conduct a board meeting. This is unless a company has agreed to this type of meting beforehand.

But, generally, you will find that board meetings cannot be done through emails. This is something that can make communication difficult. You do not always understand what a person means and you cannot guarantee that they have read everything or received all messages. It is best to stick to real-time communication methods.


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