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By | July 2, 2023

“As the water in the waves hits the sand, the rays of the warm sun touches the face…

I screamed and sprinted to the sea…and jumped on each tiny trickle as they pass by me!!” 

The summer is just a couple of months away! And how you love the summer rays, the white sand beaches, the warm grass…and the holidays! So, all set to search out the best tourist places to visit in summer? You are on the right page! Based on your previous searches – this article just directs you to the locales that you have been looking up. Time to scroll down now!

Summers in the Land of the Morning Calm – South Korea

The warmth of the morning sun, the humid air, and a host of summer festivals – that’s what the K-Pop wonderland offers to its visitors this June to August. This exotic land of the East has an alluring combination of traditional folk villages and tech buzz cities. So, whether you wish to dip in the blue seas and laze by the beach or make a trip to the natural vistas amidst the concrete domains – Jeju Island and Seoul are the places to calm the Hallyu craving. Kick-off-

1. Jeju Island

Call it the Hawaii of the Orient or the Island of the Gods – Jeju Island is enticing, offering cactus beaches and mushrooms.

What to watch out for? 

The nature – surreal ring of pine trees around the white sands with lava caves and volcanic craters for company. The sunrise peaks, the folk villages, the waterfalls – a perfect getaway for couples and families.

tourist places to visit in summer

What to do? 

A 3-day trip is perfect for this island. You can kick off your visit by taking a trip to the Village Museum, which is fashioned after the Joseon era. The Cheonjeyeon Falls (called Pond of the God) is another breathtaking site. The trek to the Yeomiji Botanical Garden and the white sands of the Jungmunsaekdal Beach will bring out the adventurers in you! Follow it up with trips to Seongsan Illchunbong, Manjanggul Cave (one of East Asia’s longest lava cave tunnels), Hamdeok Beach, Samseonghyeol shrine, and Mount Hallasan. Do not forget to watch the sunrise on Seongsan Peak.

From beach surfing to swimming to trekking to casually lazing around the beach, there are multiple activities to indulge in. it is not without a reason that this counts as one of the most opted tourist places to visit in summer.

The expected cost? On a per-day basis – be ready to spend around $55 to $62 on touring and food.

2. Seoul

This is known as the Dazzling Capital of the world – a charm that will envelop you in its modern skyscrapers and ancient temples. As the summer approaches – Seoul turns into an electric party concoction of evening festivals, K-pop and R-16 concerts, and the famed Ultra Korea Festival! If you decide to travel with your kids, Everland is just 60-minutes away from Seoul!!

What to watch out for? 

The nightlife and the daylights – you cannot afford to miss anything! If the nights present to you a range of summer festivals, the days present before you the tradition and culture of South Korea.

What to do? 

A 5-day trip to this capital city is perfect. On sunny mornings you can roam around the city, checking out Gyeongbokgung Palace, Bukchon Hanok Village, Bukhasan National Prak, Blue House, Lotte World Tower, Gwangjang Market. With nightfall, Cheonggyecheon, Seoul Tower, Insadong Market, and the cultural and religious activities from around May to August on the streets of Seoul are the best ways to enjoy your holiday.

It is not without these attractions that South Korea comes across as one of the best tourist places to visit in summer.

The expected cost? On a per-day basis – $85 to $90 on tours and food.

A trip to the Jewel of the Pacific – Japan

A timeless sparkler nestled between the vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean, this Land of the First Sun depicts a fusion of ancient culture and post-war modernism. How so? Well, travel by bullet train to visit Japan’s traditional towns, ancient temples, and night markets, which present delicacies made from the recipes of the ancient era. Why not take a trip then?

1. Kagoshima Prefecture

Not many would think of visiting Japan during summers – but this archipelago with its tropical climate is magical! From May through July, the temperature may remain warm, with the sun high up in the sky but the white beaches and the crystal blue waters with a trip here and there to natural vistas around – rest assured, you can have a relaxing beach trip.

What to watch out for? 

There is a magical aspect of sands on Yurikehama Beach, wherein when you hold the sand in your hands – there is a star-shaped grain called Hoshisuna for you to see. That’s just the beach! The other attractions that will stop your breath are – Mt. Shiroyama, the garden of Sengan en, and the foreigners’ historical building of Ijinkan Foreigners’ Residence. That’s not all! The volcano of Sakurajima and the closely located Nagisa Park are other set of attractions.

tourist places to visit in summer

What to do? 

When you are at the beach – swim in the sea or surf down the waters, or simply laze around the sands and watch the sunset. If you take a trip to the other areas – walk around the lava fields or laze around the historic gardens and have a nice meal at any of those old Japanese meal houses turned restaurants. Your search for tourist places to visit in summer can surely end here!

The expected cost? On average – be ready to spend $60 on a per-day basis.

2. Hokkaido

Make no mistake – Hokkaido is big with its untamed natural scenery, national parks, charming towns, and some sumptuous delicacies. A summer May through to September is the perfect time to visit this domain. Take a trip now!

What to watch out for? 

Head first for Sapporo city, making sure to check out the nighttime scenery at Mount Moiwa. Follow up your trip to the other domains such as – Asahikawa, the town of Biei, Shiretoko National Park, Fureppe Waterfalls, Akan National Park, Mashu-Dake, Kushiro Wetlands, Shakotan Peninsula, followed finally by Lake Toya.

What to do? 

Hiking, Skiing, Trekking, and Camping – are the primary activities for you to check out. Whether you have gone for a couple-outing or for a family getaway – these are some of the most opted activities that you can check out on your holiday.

The expected cost? On a per-day basis, be ready to spend around $85 to $90.

You can surely opt for this as one of the tourist places to visit in summer.

Old always remains Gold – Europe

If it’s summer, then Europe was, is, and will always be your ultimate getaway!! Once again, post-Covid pandemic – Europe has opened its arms and is ready to welcome the visitors in its lap. The hills have bejeweled themselves with the snow, while the cities are dazzling up. Why should you be left behind? After all, Europe never fails to offer tourist places to visit in summer.

1. Iceland

Though this domain is one of the most remote areas of the world – it is an adventure spot you cannot miss! The Land of the Midnight Sun – Iceland offers a perfect balance between nature and adventure. What and how you choose to spend this vacation is all up to you!

What to watch out for? 

From May through September – this land welcomes you to the thermal waters of Blue Lagoon, followed by the beaches of black sand, fields of lava, and coastal cliffs. Dont miss out on the trips to Snaefellsnes Peninsula, the Golden Circle, and Landmannalaugar, followed by a day visit to the South Coast. If not now but surely later – pin this place up as it is surely one of the best tourist places to visit in summer.

What to do? 

Are you the hiking and the skiing type? In that case – the rhyolite mountains, the lava fields as well as the ice paths are great options to check out. In case you just wish for a simple walk through the natural vistas – a visit to the South coast or glacier walking are some of the best ways.

The expected cost? On a per-day basis, the average range is within $100 to $150.

2. Croatia

What if you get to swim in the seas in the summers? Add Croatia to your summer bucket list and unravel the beauty of its waterfalls and beaches. Roam across the dazzling cities or kick off the adventures that this domain offers – Croatia awaits your arrival (albeit with a negative Covid-19 certificate).

tourist places to visit in summer

What to watch out for? 

The first place that you must check out is – Dubrovnik – ‘The Pearl of the Adriatic’. The little historical domain is famed for its city walls and old towns. From there, you can jump on to some of the other destinations – Lokrum Beach, Hvar Island, Lavender fields of Iceland, Fortress Fortica Spanjola, and the old town of Split.

What to do? 

This is one domain that you would love to explore on your foot. The quaint little historic towns, islands, and lavender fields are too breathtaking for any activity! It is one of those breathtaking tourist places to visit in summer that you cannot miss!

The expected cost? On average, the per day cost was between $75 to $100.

To wrap up

As you can see that these are some of the available tourist places to visit in summer that come within an affordable range and are just enthralling. Pick a destination and get the tickets and the hotels booked in advance. Do check if there are some discounts available (most of them have special packages for summer trips). If your friends ask for recommendations on summer places to check out – do forward this link! Have a safe trip.

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