Tropical Vacation Outfits for every swing! What are you wearing?

By | June 22, 2023
tropical vacation outfits

Are you ready for a tropical trip? It is time to have fun! The dates are set! Reservations done! What’s left? If you have been searching for tropical vacation outfits – two piece bikinis for women this is what this is all about! So, options are available for all, whether you go alone or with your partner in tow.

Keep your packing bags aside, scroll down the page and figure out what you already have in your wardrobe and what you need to go shopping for.

Pick your tropical vacation outfits

What if you are on a trip with your girl gang? 

Girls should have all the fun!! Finally, you are on your girls’ group trip, a tropical island for the destination. Nothing is stopping you. Here are some of the outfits that you can surely choose from!

1. Floral Tie Top and Shorts 

For a long day of sightseeing – a simple floral tie top with sneakers (the platform type) and denim shorts is just your type of outfit. Do match up your sunblock to the tee. Keep your hair tied up in a pony, and enjoy your day out.

tropical vacation outfits

2. Wrap it up just with a scarf 

You are single and all alone with girls around you. So what’s the fear? Get yourself a bright satin scarf – twist it up into a halter top and add some cut-offs to be the girl of the gang! Lower it down with bleached denim shorts and add hoops to it. This is one of the most creative tropical vacation outfits you can try!

3. A dress? Cut it out 

Ever bothered trying out a knit dress in a cutoff style? That’s a great choice in terms of a tropical vacation. The high-heel wedges are the best addition that this dress can have.

4. Two Piece sets are a must! 

Whether it is a top and loose pants combo or a flared top and short skirt duo – in either case: this breezy outfit is surely one of the best choices in terms of tropical vacation outfits. So choose either of them for a seaside lunch or a quick getaway – you will win always. Danglers and high-heel stilettos are what you need to match up your skirt. If you choose pants – keep it simple with flats and eardrops.

5. Swimsuits are always a great choice 

A monokini to start with and a bikini to follow. Choose the brightest hues, let your hair down, and enjoy the best of times! A mojito in hand, hoops on your ears, and friends in the pool – you wouldn’t want to miss this! Some suggestions: check out colors such as dark purple, emerald green, burnt orange, royal blue, and neon yellow.

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6. Dresses can never fall short 

Whether it is a floral dress or midi dress with a cowl neck – while going for a tropical vacation, bring out your feminine side in the best possible manner. Choose out either of the options and pick out the brightest of hues to go with. Accessorize with a bright scarf on your hair like a bow tie and match up your glares to beat the sun.

In case you are going for a long day out – stick to sneakers. Just to keep it a little edgy – choose sandals. A straw bag can be a great addition.

tropical vacation outfits

Why should the boys be left behind?

Absolutely not!! The boys should never be left behind! So, what if they have meager options when it comes to tropical vacation outfits – a push here and a pull there can actually make things go well! So for all the boys planning on a gang trip – here’s what you can pick to pack!

1. Surely a Swimwear to pack

It is a universal fact that a man cannot go to the tropics without packing his swimwear! Choose out a contrast hue – in bright yellow, dark red, or simply the classic black – dab some sunblock (men need it too) and go deep down.

2. Floral shirts with capris 

Going to the tropics and without florals? Not a chance!! As one of the most chosen outfits for a vacation in a tropical locale – these floral shirts are available in a range of colors for the metrosexual man! Also, combining it with capris will give you the perfect edge. A beer in one hand and your glares in another – capping it up with a smart baseball cap – you are all set to welcome the sun!

3. Ganjees with shorts 

You are on a much-deserved break, so keep it as cool as possible. Just laze around in a ganjee and pair it up with denim or cotton shorts. Whether you lounge around or sit by the pool, rest assured that you will make a style statement with your outfit.

4. Casual button-down shirts 

The Havana casuals have never let anyone down, nor will they let you down! Pick up any trendy shade – if confused, go in for the usual dark red or the navy blue ones and a cool pair of goggles. Rest assured – nothing can beat this option as one of the best tropical vacation outfits!

tropical vacation outfits

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Planning a honeymoon on those beaches? 

A tropical vacation is a dream come true for every newly married couple! However, it’s also the first time that you two are going to be all by yourselves -or rather your raw selves. For that, you need to pack a punch with your wardrobe. Keep it cool – keep it sexy, and light – this is your once-in-a-lifetime!

Girls can choose from

1. A sarong is a must-have!! 

You may have waited all your life for a trip like this with your prince charming, and when that happens, there’s not a chance in heaven that you miss out on having a sarong to cover up. Try to pick one of those in very subtle shades – white, light pinkish, light yellow, or sky blue- and make sure to get a beach hat with it. On the one side, keep a sling bag; on the other, sling your husband and have a great time on the beach.

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2. The bikini is the ultimate

Going alone – or going on a honeymoon or anywhere – even near the beach – a bikini (add a stole to it for comfort or if you are a little shy) is always on the list of tropical vacation outfits! Now the choice is yours to go solo or choose up to dazzle the bikini with a pair of trinkets on your legs, a statement ring, or a pair of hoops. Once you are done swimming – keep a button-down dress handy for a quick cover-up and laze around the beach.

#If you wish to mix and match something, try a scarf-tied halter neck top with bikini lowers. Go in for a bright and subtle hue combo!

3. Ruffles are a must 

Though, for most, ruffles might not be a part of their list of outfits on a tropical getaway – but a ruffled skirt and top combo – open hair flying against the wind and dangling hoops with high wedges does not just make great visuals but also great day-out combo.  Keep the shades restricted to browns, purples, and yellows, and see the glow!!

4. Strapless Bodycon 

Be the bold woman and now wife that you wish to be – make a statement!! As one of the best summer options, a strapless bodycon dress, especially in strong shades such as maroon red, royal blue, and classic black, must be on your list of tropical vacation outfits. Pull up your hair into a top-knot, wear a classy neckpiece and be the charming lady to your man on every date on the island.

Well, for the boys – you have your wife and need to care? Jokes apart – Havana casual button-down shirts, shorts with a round neck tee combo, and definitely swimwear (you can’t afford to leave your wife alone in the pool) are all that you can pack. Don’t miss out on flats and loafers – or your shades and beach hats. Hope you have a great vacay!

Going to welcome the baby? 

On your first babymoon? Congratulations! It is the 6th month already and naturally, none of your clothes fit you!! There’s nothing to worry about. Here is a list of tropical vacation outfits that you can buy to try out by the beach.

1. A swimsuit is a great choice 

Have you seen those celebs posting their pregnancy photoshoot in bikinis? You can try that as well!! A bikini or a monokini with a loose stole to cover up your shoulders is a great outfit for beach vacays. Stick to brighter shades such as yellow or lime green, and do not miss out on the beach hat for the extra hinge! Just in case you are in the mood – you can also have your pregnancy photoshoot by the beach.

2. Carry a maxi dress for comfort 

When you are on your babymoon, chances are high that you might have a bad day or two. For those really not dressing up days – nothing can beat the comfort of a maxi dress. Whether it is an evening walk or a sudden dinner, or just sitting by the pool – this outfit combined with flats and hoops (leave your hair down or pull it up) will tolerate you and love your curves as it is!

tropical vacation outfits

3. A gorgeous gown for a dainty date 

This is probably the last time you get your partner’s complete attention, and it is time to take all of it! If you both have planned a late-night beach dinner, then nothing can beat the magic of a long gown in a pristine shade. Colors that you can try are – peach, baby pink, mauve, light green, or go just all sexy backless black! Do up your hair with flowers and enjoy the date at the tropical locale!


So, all set to welcome the Havanas and tune into some Latino at dinner? Have a blast then! Just in case you have some suggestions or feedback about the tropical vacation outfits, do share them. In case your friends want suggestions – do share the link. Still not out shopping? Rush now!!

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