Elizabeth Rancourt Conjoint, Age, Facts, Career, and More

By | September 8, 2023

Elizabeth Rancourt is a treat to watch at any sports event due to her remarkable oration. The world knows Elizabeth as a brilliant journalist. She shattered the glass ceiling when she took up the role of a host for LNH hockey at TVA Group Inc. But when it comes to her personal life, no one really knows what she is up to. Elizabeth is a private person. She prefers to keep her personal life away from the public glare. The world knows nothing substantial about Elizabeth Rancourt conjoint (husband), mother, or siblings. But we are here to uncover whatever we can possibly know!

If you are fond of this lady’s in-depth knowledge of the game and insightful after-game discussions, we have a treat for you. We have gathered all the information about the famous journalist to share with you. Here is everything you have ever wanted to know about Elizabeth Rancourt.

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Who is Elizabeth Rancourt?

Elizabeth Rancourt is a famous TVA Sports journalist and LNH host at TVA Group Inc. Within a span of 15 years of working as a journalist, she has done brilliant work. She has been a part of many record-breaking stories and projects revolving around sports.

In 2011, she joined forces with TVA Sports. This collaboration gave wings to her success, and she became a household name. Also, a Beat Reporter for the Montreal Canadiens, Elizabeth Rancourt is counted among the top-notch journalists in the industry.

Although there are many remarkable things about Elizabeth Rancourt, one thing that always makes her stand out is her understanding of the game. Her in-game analysis and after-game interviews with athletes are always thought-provoking and riveting. Her stint as LNH hockey host for TVA Group also speaks a lot about her in-depth knowledge of the game.

Apart from being a fabulous journalist, she also excels in hosting conferences and radio shows. She currently lives in Vaudreuil-Dorion, Quebec, Canada.


In 2002, Elizabeth went to McGill University-Desautels Faculty of Management. She earned her bachelors in 2005 in Bachelor of Science and Technology in Management and Management Entrepreneurship/Entrepreneurial Studies and a BAC in Entrepreneurship and Marketing.

After completing her studies, she started a small clothing store in Vermont, but fate had other plans for her. After running her store for four years, she started her career in media.

Elizabeth’s venture into journalism was a sweet serendipity. She studied business management and considered journalism a profession apt only for adults.

The thought of becoming a journalist never crossed her mind until she started reading articles from renowned news outlets. The thought-provoking content inspired her to study those matters in detail and write about them herself.

In 2007, she joined Promedia School for a training program in journalism. It marked the beginning of her career in journalism and reporting.

An insight into her career

Elizabeth’s love affair with journalism and reporting started in 2007 after completing her Promedia School’s training program. In 2007, she joined TQS Montreal as a news reporter. After spending a year in TQS Montreal, she joined TVA as a business journalist-reader.

Between 2008 and 2011, she got an opportunity to explore journalism as a career option. She worked at several TVA platforms, which broadened her outlook and made her understand the various nuances of journalism and reporting. She worked on platforms like LCN, TVA Nouvelles, and Salut-Bonjour before joining TVA Sports (sports channel) as a sports journalist. The decision to take up the role of a sports journalist proved to be a turning point in her career.

From 2011 to 2014, she covered the Montreal Impact along with several other sporting events. In 2015, she bagged the opportunity to cover the Montreal Canadiens. Her insightful coverage of several events made her a popular name.

In 2021, she became one of the first Francophone female hosts of the National Hockey League games. After returning from her second maternity leave, she transitioned to animation from hosting LNH games. She has been co-hosting The Post-Game with Dave Morissette since September 2021.

Her long list of skills includes journalism, sports journalism, broadcast advertising, radio hosting, and conferences. Currently, she is one of the most widely known sports journalists in Canada.

Who is Elizabeth Rancourt conjoint?

Elizabeth Rancourt is married and has two children. We would be correct if we say that her husband is not fond of being in the public glare.

If you follow Elizabeth Rancourt on Instagram, you would know that even in the pictures she posts, her husband does not show his front profile.

What we know of Elizabeth Rancourt husband is that his name is Mighel, and of course, he is camera shy. His age, family background, education, and other such details are still a mystery to the world. Elizabeth Rancourt conjoint Miguel is a businessman.

Elizabeth has two wonderful kids with her husband. They have two sons named Malik and Alec. Malik is four years old, and Alec is one year old.

Elizabeth Rancourt’s parents

Elizabeth Rancourt’s father is Jean-Pierre Rancourt. He is a criminal lawyer by profession.

Interestingly, he is fond of hockey and used to play this sport when he was young. He was a fantastic hockey player in his youth. If not a lawyer, Jean-Pierre Rancourt would have been a professional hockey player.

It would not be wrong to say that Elizabeth’s father is, in some way, responsible for ingraining the love for hockey in her mind. We do not know much about her mother. The couple had three kids – two daughters and one son.

Elizabeth is often seen reminiscing the memories she had with her siblings. She is often heard talking about how, as a kid, she would watch games on TV with her siblings.

Elizabeth Rancourt age, height and weight

Elizabeth’s age seems to be between 35 and 45. It can be safely said that she falls between this age bracket by looking at her pictures. Her date of birth is not known.

Elizabeth Rancourt possesses a strong, yet pleasing, personality. As a sports presenter, she knows how to stay prim and perfect on and off the camera. She is often seen sporting a heart-melting smile, but her vigor and passion for her work are profoundly visible when she interviews a player or coach.

Elizabeth Rancourt height is 5 feet 5 inches (1.72 m or 172 cm) and weighs 123 lbs (56 kg). She has black eyes and black hair. She likes to wear her hair cropped.

Elizabeth Rancourt net worth

Like everything, Elizabeth has managed to keep her net worth under wraps. But, we have tried to derive an estimate of it.

The average compensation for a news reporter in Canada is $27 per hour or $52,650 per year.

Experienced reporters even earn $77,147 per year.

Looking at these numbers, we can say that Elisabeth Rancourt earns a good amount of money from her career as a sports journalist.

Elizabeth Rancourt on social media

Elizabeth Rancourt is active on Instagram. She has 6,099 followers and 91 posts on this social media channel. Most of her pictures are from her work, but sometimes she posts pictures with her family too.

She joined Twitter in March 2011 and she has 14.3 K followers on the platform.

Here are the details about her social media user handles.

  • Instagram: @rancourtelizabeth
  • Twitter: @elitvasports
  • LinkedIn: elizabeth-rancourt-295a91104

Interesting facts about Elizabeth Rancourt

  • According to some sources, Elizabeth had a business before she ventured into TV.
  • Elizabeth once disclosed that her son, Malik, enjoyed watching her on TV as a kid. He shouts, “It’s mom!” on hearing her voice on television.
  • Elizabeth Rancourt hosted the LNH games on TVA Sport with her colleagues Michel Godbout and Louis Jean.
  • Elizabeth got the opportunity to host the LNH ten years after joining TVA Sports.
  • She started hosting LNH games after returning from her maternal leave.
  • Elizabeth grew up in an athletic family. Her family’s inclination toward health, fitness, and sports has contributed to igniting her interest in sports journalism.
  • She is the first Francophone female host of the National Hockey League (LNH) games.

Final thoughts

Elizabeth Rancourt has carved a niche for herself in the vast and male-dominated world of sports journalism. She achieved a new feat by becoming the first Francophone female host of the National Hockey League (LNH) games. Her captivating smile and charming personality are always a treat to watch.

She is an inspiration for all the women who want to move ahead and achieve something in male-dominated avenues like these.

Frequently asked questions

1. Who is Elizabeth Rancourt?

Elizabeth Rancourt is a famous sports reporter, journalist, and host. She works with TVA sports.

2. What is Elizabeth Rancourt famous for?

Elizabeth Rancourt is famous for being a sports journalist and hosting LNH for TVA Group Inc. Her in-depth understanding of the game and insightful interviews make her stand out.

3. Who is Elizabeth Rancourt conjoint?

Mighel is Elizabeth Rancourt husband. He likes to keep a low profile, and so, not much is known about him. He is a businessman and married to Elizabeth for quite some time.

4. Who are Elizabeth Rancourt’s father?

Elizabeth Rancourt’s father’s name is Jean-Pierre Rancourt. He is a renowned criminal defense lawyer with an interest in hockey. Back in his days, he was a talented hockey player but could not continue playing to make his career as a lawyer.

5. Who is Elizabeth Rancourt’s mother?

No information is available about Elizabeth Rancourt’s mother at the moment.

6. What is Elizabeth Rancourt’s age?

Her exact age or date of birth is a mystery. But, looking at her pictures, it would not be wrong to say that she is between 35 and 45 years old.

7. Is there any Elizabeth Rancourt Wikipedia page?

Although Elizabeth is a well-known sports journalist, not only in Canada, but across the globe, she does not have a Wikipedia page as yet.

8. Is Elizabeth Rancourt married?

Yes, Elizabeth Rancourt is married. Elizabeth Rancourt conjoint name is Mighel, and he is a businessman.

9. Does Elizabeth Rancourt have children?

Yes, Elizabeth Rancourt has two children with her husband, Mighel. Malik is four years old and Alec is one year old.

10. Is Elizabeth Rancourt on Instagram?

Yes, Elizabeth Rancourt is on Instagram. Her Instagram handle is @rancourtelizabeth. She has more than 6k followers.

11. Is Elizabeth Rancourt on Twitter?

Yes, Elizabeth Rancourt is on Twitter. She joined the micro-blogging site in March 2011. She has 14.3 K followers. Her Twitter handle is @elitvasports.

12. What is Elizabeth Rancourt’s height and weight?

Elizabeth Rancourt is 5 feet 5 inches (1.72 m or 172 cm) tall and weighs 123 lbs (56 kg).

13. What is Elizabeth Rancourt net worth?

Elizabeth Rancourt’s exact net worth is a mystery. But, looking at the salary news reporters make in Canada, it can be said that she gets a handsome paycheck. We can assume it to be more than $50,000 per annum when considering paychecks received by top journos.

14. Is Elizabeth Rancourt a TV actress?

No, Elizabeth Rancourt is not an actress. She is a sports journalist and sports game host.

15. What does Elizabeth Rancourt conjoint Miguel do for a living?

Elizabeth Rancourt’s husband is a businessman.

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