Andy Cohen Net Worth, Career, Relationships, and More

By | September 13, 2023

Andy Cohen net worth reflects the TV personality’s financial growth from beginning years to his grey-haired single-dad era. The man became synonymous with a successful and top-earning TV reality show, The Real Housewives. He was a crucial player in the success of whole line-ups of programs at Bravo after he rose to become a producer of multiple shows at CBS over ten years.

From his radio show to his successful memoirs, he wore many hats. There is a lot to know about him, so let us dig deep into his early life, career, filmography, net worth, and more.

Who is Andy Cohen?

Andy Cohen is an American late-night TV host and media personality known for Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live and Andy Cohen: Then and Now. He started dreaming about being a host while he was young, using a hairbrush as a pretend microphone.

Cohen was the mastermind behind the mega-successful franchise of reality show The Real Housewives as reunion show host and executive producer. He also established himself as an author with books like Most Talkative: Stories from the Front Lines of Pop Culture and Superficial: More Adventures from the Andy Cohen Diaries.

Not to forget his successful pop culture channel on Sirius XM titled Radio Andy, where he hosts a two-hour entertaining live show with his co-host John Hill twice weekly. And if you think that’s all, he is also proud of himself being the first openly gay American late-night TV host.

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Early Life

Andy Cohen was born on June 2, 1968, to Evelyn and Lou Cohen in St. Louis, suburban Clayton, Missouri. He was raised in a Jewish-American family with roots in Russia, Lithuania, and Poland.

He also has a sister named Emily Rosenfeld. Andy went to Clayton High School in 1986 and further graduated from Boston University.

Cohen shared his keen interest in TV shows and celebrities in his 2012 published memoir Most Talkative.

Soap drama All My Children is one particular show that came up in his mentions multiple times. He shared how he was an avid watcher of the show in Clayton in his growing-up years of childhood.

It was this TV show that led him to Susan Lucci, his first-ever celebrity interview personality.

He also did an internship at St. Louis Radio and TV station during his high school days.

In his graduation, he pursued a Bachelor of Science degree in the area of broadcast journalism. Cohen also used to write for the student newspaper, The Daily Free Express, in Boston University.

Soon in 1990, post-graduation, he landed a job as a news clerk for the morning show CBS This Morning in New York at CBS News.


Early Career at CBS

After graduating from Boston University, his internship at CBS News began his broadcasting journalism career.

Apparently, he worked with another popular TV personality and host, Julie Chen, who was also an intern at that time.

He continued with CBS News, rising up to several positions and spending more than ten years of his initial career.

Cohen eventually became the senior producer of their popular news slot titled The Early Show and also a prime-time news magazine, 48 Hours.

After that, he also served the company as the producer of their show 48 Hours and for CBS This Morning.

Joining Bravo Network

Andy Cohen left CBS and joined another television network, Trio, in 2000. After a while, Bravo Network bought Trio in 2004, where he became vice president of original programming.

Cohen became a regular guest in shows like  Today and Morning Joe on NBC and MSNBC, respectively. He has made many guest appearances on various popular talk shows.

Not to forget his guest appearances and cameos in popular television shows/series, such as Saturday Night Live, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, and many more.

Major Successes

One of his major successful shows was his late-night talk show Watch What Happens Live, which premiered on Bravo networks on July 16, 2009. Andy Cohen net worth took a significant leap at this point in his career.

The show became a massive success with 19 seasons and 1,843 episodes over more than 15 years run in milestone, still going on. Apart from being the host, he was also the executive producer of the show.

Another highlight of Cohen’s career was the popular reality TV show franchise The Real Housewives, where he was the host in all American versions.

In his later career to present times, he is mainly recognized as the host of The Real Housewives shows on Bravo networks.

He particularly hosted the reunion shows of the franchise, where he interviewed all the participants, reminiscing on memorable moments, highlights, and conflicts of the show.

Cohen played a crucial role in developing the American versions of The Real Housewives franchise.

It started with The Real Housewives of Orange County in 2006, where, at that time, he was the programming and development executive at Bravo.

He continued working for more than ten years, leading not just this franchise but many popular shows that went on to define the network.

Another major success was his new radio channel named Radio Andy on SiriusXM, featuring multiple shows hosted by Andy himself.

Andy Cohen Books

In accumulating Andy Cohen net worth, his published books played a critical role. His first autobiographical memoir, Most Talkative, was published in May 2012.

It rapidly became a New York Best Seller in the non-fiction category. Then, In November 2014, he published his second book, another memoir titled The Andy Cohen Diaries: A Deep Look at a Shallow Year.

His second memoir became the Times Bestseller as well. Cohen’s third bestseller memoir was Superficial: More Adventures From the Andy Cohen Diaries, published in November 2016.

All three of his memoirs were bestsellers and established him as an author.

Popular Appearance/Cameos

Cohen managed to steal the limelight once again in 2018 when he played himself on the popular teen thriller show Riverdale. He played his own character, who was a friend of the Lodge family in the show.

Then, he also made an appearance as a guest judge in the reality TV series RuPaul’s Drag Race episode on VH1.

As co-host with Anderson Cooper, he joined CNN’s New Year’s Eve coverage for consecutively five years in a row, from 2018 to 2022.

Personal Life

Well is Andy Cohen married?

Well, he was the first American late-night talk show host to come out of the closet and announce being gay.

He became the father of a son, Benjamin Allen Cohen, in February 2019 with the help of a surrogate.

Later, in April 2022, he was blessed with another child, a daughter named Lucy.

Since he is gay, there is no question about Andy Cohen wife. He is a single father to two children with no husband as well.

The Only Gay Host On Late-Night Television Talk Show

Andy Cohen prides himself on being the only openly gay host on the late-night talk show in America. He first came out during his college years at Boston University.

Cohen first shared his coming out of the closet story in an interview with Joy Behar in 2012. He reminisces on the moment when he told his month that he is gay, sharing how it was the scariest thing that he has ever done.

Apparently, it wasn’t meant to be this way. He mistakenly left out a letter that was for his friend to whom he came out to. And her mother read it.

She came to him insisting to spill the beans, which he did. Cohen cried for a while. But her mother supported her by saying she would have hated his wife anyway.

Andy Cohen net worth

Reportedly, Andy Cohen’s salary as a host of his talk show on Bravo was $2 million annually.

Since he has been getting $10 million per year for the show for the last few years, implying that he got a raise from the network.

According to Andy Cohen net worth 2022 forbes and other sources is $50 million, which stayed stagnant for a few years from 2020 to 2021.

Andy Cohen’s Net worth as of today, September 2023, is $55 million.

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Andy Cohen Real Estate Portfolio

The first real estate investment Andy made was in 2003. It was an infrastructure unit in a West Village building at 2 Horatio Street. The purchase amount he paid wasn’t disclosed.

He bought three more units in the same building over the years and combined them to make a connected space.

If you value his real-estate property today, that West Village combined apartment space will likely be worth $6 Million to $8 Million.

Cohen paid $5.4 million for a half-acre oceanfront lot located in the Hamptons community, Amagansett, in March 2019, with an asking price of $6 million and even being $7.3 million at one point.

Another investment he made was buying a penthouse in New York City for $18.3 million in the year 2022.

Andy Cohen movies and tv shows

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Andy Cohen won several awards in his career, starting with two Peabody Awards in 2004 and 2007. It was as executive producer of a documentary, The N-Word on Trio, and the reality TV show Project Runaway on Bravo, respectively.

In 2007, he received another award titled 40 Under 40 Broadcasting Executives on Multichannel News.

He also appeared on TV Guide’s published Power List of most talked about people on television in 2010.

Cohen went on to win the prestigious Emmy Award for Outstanding Competitive Reality Series for Top Chef as executive producer in the same year.

Further, in 2012, he made the list of GQ’s25 Best Dressed Men of the Year and Digital All-Stars from Broadcasting & Cable.

From 2012 to 2016, he consecutively was listed in Out Magazine’s Most Powerful Gay People. And finally, in 2019, at the 30th GLAAD Media Awards, he was awarded the Vito Russo Award.

Andy Cohen net worth 2022 skyrocketed due to his decorative ensemble of accolades he gained over the years.

Final thoughts

Andy Cohen is an American TV late-night talk show host, radio host, producer, and author.

He is popularly known for hosting the most successful shows of his careers, such as Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.

It is no surprise that Andy Cohen Net Worth is $50 million, given his consistent success in his career.

From being an intern at CBS to becoming this huge TV sensation and producing various CBS shows like CBS This Morning, The Early Show, and 48 Hours, his career in broadcast journalism scaled rapidly over decades.


1. How Much Is Andy Cohen worth?

Andy Cohen’s net worth is the total estimation of $50 Million.

2. Who Is Andy Cohen married to?

Andy Cohen is married to no one. He is gay and a single father to two children through surrogacy.

3. How tall Is Andy Cohen?

The height of Andy Cohen is 5 ft. 9 in, i.e, 1.75m.

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