When Is The Best Time To Visit Fiji? A Season Handy Travel Guide!

By | January 30, 2024

Fiji, an archipelago of 300 islands located in the depths of the South Pacific, is a tropical paradise. Call it beautiful, stunning, or magical – almost every adjective would fall short of describing its beauty. Experiencing a tropical maritime climate, Fiji is neither too raging hot nor rigidly cold – the trade winds seem to balance the weather. On technical grounds, the best time to visit Fiji is from May to September, but with a range of festivities and water sports activities – you may be assured – that every season in Fiji is worth your time and money. 

In case you have decided to explore this little lagoon with ethnic and British heritage – then this article will precisely guide you in that path. You will get a detailed idea about various seasons and the activities associated with the same. Additionally, you will get to see the festivals that locals celebrate and if you can be a part of the same. 

Let’s get the adventure started – 

Which is the best time to visit Fiji? 

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If clear blue skies are what you crave, May to September is the ideal time to visit the Fiji archipelago. Though Fiji is a year-long destination, however, if you want the temperature to be nominal and the humidity to be on the lower side, the aforementioned time period is when you must book the tickets. From snorkeling to surfing to enjoying the beaches and local festivals, you will definitely not miss out on a thing! 

So, when is the best time to visit Fiji if you pick according to the seasons? Let’s guide you through – 

The Dry Season – 

fiji in summer

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Time – May to September 

Temperature – 24 – 29 degree Celsius (could go at times up to 33 degrees)

What to do – One of the best months to laze around the archipelago; during these months, the southern winds blow, thereby making surfing along the shores inevitable. Also, the kiteboarders have a blast as they move from one end of the beach to another. 

Do you want to go swimming in the clear blue waters? Then the coves and beaches open up a plethora of opportunities for you. The balmy weather with a host of local festivals makes this dry period the best time to visit Fiji. 

  • The Sawa-i-Lau caves offer you a chance to swim deep down into the sea. 
  • If you are looking for more adventure, go snorkeling in the Yasawa islands or explore the underwater beauty as you go scuba diving in the Great Astrolabe Reefs
  • The Sabeto Mud Pools are a great way to mud soak your torso. If not, you can always book yourself a spa date or check out the fun water activities at the Kula Wild Adventure Park.
  • The Bouma Falls offer enthralling beauty in the dry seasons of the Fiji archipelago. 

The Wet Season 

fiji in wet season

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Time – November to March 

Temperature – 24 – 31 degrees Celsius (at times, it goes up to 34 degrees, but still, it is bearable). 

What to do – Without a doubt, this period in the Fiji islands will lead you to encounter some of the strongest cyclones. Despite that, some tourists consider this comparatively low-budget season as one of the best time to visit Fiji. 

If you, too, are booking your tickets during this period, you must be aware of the fact that you will face an average period of rainfall (2 weeks at a maximum) and clear sunny skies. With few travelers in tow – this season, you will get to see some of the best waterfalls that the island could showcase to you – 

  • The Biausevu Waterfall will provide you with a great view amidst the rainy season. 
  • Are you wondering if you could go scuba diving amidst these lashing rains? Let us assure you – you can! The Barefoot Kuata Resort has special permission to enable you to dive along with the sharks. 
  • This period is also one of the best time to visit Fiji since you get to see the Dolphins! If you are not in the mood for any activity, you may simply visit Suncoast, which offers Dolphin Cruise. 
  • On a dry day amidst the rains – you could visit Levuka, the UNESCO World Heritage Site, or take an Off-road Cave Safari. 
  • You can also take a visit to the Garden of the Sleeping Giant. 
  • Also, make some time out – the occasions of the Balolo Rising and the Fara are some of the best occasions to check out the local culture of the islands. 
fiji spring time

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# Now that you already know which is the best time to visit Fiji, it is important you know – from early March to April, you would want to avoid visiting Fiji. Though it is an island known for its moderate climate year-round, cyclone formation is maximum in this period. Therefore, most of the activities stand canceled. If you visit during this time, you will have to remain cooped up in your hotel suites. 

What are the festivals of Fiji that you can partake in? 

fiji festivals

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Though coming with ethnic heritage and mixed race, there are a handful of occasions that residents of Fiji celebrate every month; however, there are some special festivals that you cannot miss. They are – 

  • South Indian Fire Walking Festival (July/August)

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This is a popular Indo-Fijian festival that comes after 10 days of abstention, during which the people pray to Goddess Mahadevi. 

  • Bula Festival (July/August)

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The Fijian culture believes in celebrating its traditions. This festival is a 7-day-long celebration respecting the music and culture of the Fijian people. 

  • Hibiscus Festival (August)
hibiscus festival

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Another community festival extending for 9 days, starts with celebrating the traditions of the island, its food, and culture and ends with the crowing of the ‘Hibiscus Queen.’ 

  • Lautoka Sugar Festival (September) 
lautoka festival

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As already mentioned, September is one of the best time to visit Fiji, and if you are there at that time – do not miss out on the sugar festival (trade festival) in ‘Sugar City’ (Lautoka). 

Now that you roughly have an idea about when to visit Fiji and what festivals to participate in – it is time to note down some points before you visit the archipelago. 

What to remember before visiting Fiji? 

  1. If not anything else, learn the basic greetings of Fiji. For the unaware – Bula is a Fijian greeting (somewhat implying Good Health), and Vinaka implies ‘thank you.’ These words will help you in roaming through the islands quickly. 
  2. Machetes are a regular tool used in Fiji. You will find people roaming about with it – especially in the coastal hamlets. 
  3. If you are on a day beach trip at any of the famous sea-beaches, avoid eating any preparation of reef fish from the local shacks. They are mostly not cooked well and are toxic in nature. If you are craving some local delicacy, it is advised to try the same out in any noted place. 
  4. When in Fiji, if you get a chance to experience a Kava Ceremony, it will be nothing short of a pleasurable experience. 

Whichever the season of your visit to Fiji, remember these basics to enhance your experience. 

When are you planning your trip? 

Assuming you have read this article well and now know the best time to visit Fiji, it is time to book the tickets. Most of the notable travel portals offer huge discounts on their flights to Fiji if you manage to be an early bird. That’s not all! Find out some of the best available deals on hotels and compare the rates to pick the best. 

If you are traveling from Australia or other South Pacific countries, you do not need a tourist visa. But you need to check the Covid-19 restrictions before booking the hotels. If you liked reading this article, then do leave your comments below – and keep following this website for more exciting updates! 

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